Welcoming boys and a new school

Please note the details of the Diamond Formation plans have been adjusted as of April 2015

Why should girls have all the fun?

From September 2014, the Stephen Perse Foundation has been educating boys at its previously girls-only Junior School. The Senior School will follow suit in 2017.

Both schools will remain true to their heritage of single sex teaching and adopt a diamond formation, with co-education in our pre-prep and 6th form college and parallel classes in core subjects for boys and girls between the ages of nine and 16. Throughout, boys and girls will be together for the creative arts and many sports. They will also share facilities such as libraries and will eat and socialise together.

This is a response to demand for the educational approach of the Foundation, which is inspired both by the academic heritage of the University of Cambridge and the innovation and enterprise of Silicon Fen. It will also go some way to redress the deficit of places for boys in Cambridge schools.

“For many years, the parents of our junior and senior girls have asked why their sons couldn’t enjoy the education that their daughters benefit from.” says principal Tricia Kelleher.

“Now we have our own boys coming through from our pre-prep and in our 6th form college, the pressure has intensified. Neither parents nor children want to shift schools in year 2 or 3, while many of the older boys in the 6th wish they could have come up through our junior and senior schools.”

Boys and girls have been taught together in the Junior School since 2014. From 2017, boys will be able to join the Senior School.

Size matters

Tricia Kelleher is a former deputy head of another diamond formation school and knows the benefits from experience.

“Our educational approach is gender neutral and focuses on the needs of the individual, rather than forcing students to conform to an existing system. We are small enough to know every person well and to build their education around them. Even so, we know that boys and girls can have different learning styles,” she says.

Saffron Walden merger

Dame Bradbury’s School in Saffron Walden joined the Stephen Perse Foundation in September 2013, following a merger. This co-educational prep school & nursery for children aged three to 11 has a distinguished history of offering a progressive and innovative education that chimes with the approach of the Foundation.