inspire me events

inspire me goes beyond traditional careers advice. It brings in individuals and groups to share their fascinating careers and life stories, inspiring students, parents and alumni to think differently. 

Q&A from the Simon Mayo Inspire Me event

Our visiting speakers address the big subjects: technological, scientific, political, economic, historical, cultural, artistic, ecological and ethical. They are people who communicate the excitement of working in their field, whether that's business or cosmology, and share their ideas on motivation, leadership and teamwork.

Some sessions provide practical, how-to advice, others challenge the accepted norm, provoking thought and encouraging debate. Here is a short video of one event: Inspire Me: Silicon Valley comes to the Stephen Perse Foundation.

If you would like to find out more about these talks, click on the links on the right or contact the development office.

Below is a picture of our speakers from our Olympics/Paralympics inspire me event.

Inspire Me Olympics

Inspiring our students...

Our Inspire Me: Olympics / Paralympics event inspired one of our students, Victoria Moody, to write in to Rowing & Regatta magazine about the unsung heroes, such as physiotherapists, who help athletes reach their full potential. Her comment Unsung Heroes was awarded Comment of the Month by Rowing & Regatta.

Rowing & Regatta Mag