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We are very pleased that you have chosen the Stephen Perse Foundation for your child and look forward to establishing a partnership with you to ensure that their educational experience with us is as happy and successful as possible.

Our aim

Pre-PrepWe aim to foster a love of learning, helping our students to become inquiring, reflective, open minded young people, prepared for the opportunities and challenges of the twenty-first century and equipped to play an active role in an increasingly international world.

Our core values which support this aim are:

  • excellence and creativity in teaching and learning
  • encouraging personal and social responsibility
  • celebrating individuality and diversity

Our Parent Handbook

We have provided key information about Pre-Prep below, however if there is anything you do not understand, or anything you are worried about, please do not hesitate to contact us

Our School Day


School day



Pre-prep children

Clubs and activities

Pre-Prep pupil painting



Pre-Prep pupil



Pre-Prep pupils



Pre-Prep classroom



Communication book





PRe-Prep food


School staff (CITY) 
Principal Miss P Kelleher
Head of Pre-Prep Mrs S Holyoake
Deputy Head of Pre-Prep, City Mrs A Heywood

Teaching staff 

Kindergarten Miss C Valcin
Reception Mrs A Greatrex
Year 1 Mrs J Hegarty
Year 2 Mrs K Lennon
Music Mrs H Mulholland
French Mrs L Neely
Cover Teacher Mrs D Heal

Teaching Assistants 

  Mr R Fox
  Mrs M Port
  Mrs D Heal
  Miss J Tanner
Late Stay Supervisor Mrs E Little

City Administrator: Mrs M Beagles, email: or tel: 01223 346140.

Catering Manager for the Junior School and Pre-Prep: Mrs P Tucker

school staff (Madingley) 
Principal Miss P Kelleher
Head of Pre-Prep Mrs S Holyoake
Deputy Head of Pre-Prep, Madingley Mrs A Heywood

Teaching staff 

Kindergarten Mrs K Lee
Reception Mrs D Heal
Year 1 Miss M Perez
Year 2 Mrs N Angetter-Hannam
Music Mrs H Mulholland
French Mrs L Neely
Cover Teachers Mrs K Krishnan & Mrs N Dhaliwal

Teaching Assistants

  Mrs E Crutchley
  Miss S Johnson
  Mrs L Hinton
  Mrs C Parsons

Late Stay Supervisor, Additional Teaching Assistant

Miss S Johnson

Madingley Administrator: Mrs K Lancaster, email: or tel: 01954 210309.

Catering Assistant: Mrs S Panett

View our policies and procedures

Some relate to the whole Foundation, such as our Anti-bullying policy, Safeguarding and Child Protection policy and Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Policy.

Others pertain specifically to the Pre-Prep such as our Code of Conduct and Non-Collection of a Child Policy.

Online systems 
Payment for educational visits must be made through the online payment system.

The Foundation reserves the right to make other items exclusively available via payment through the online payment system.

Communication from the school will take the form of email, unless there are exceptional circumstances which prevent this from being the normal method of communication.

Reports on student progress are distributed electronically.

Parents and friends association (PFA)