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  • Japanese Exchange 2017 - In Cambridge with Teddy!

    Published 03/02/17

    The amazing adventures of the Stephen Perse teddy continue here in Cambridge, before he joins the exchange trip to Japan next week!

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  • Maths in and for the community

    Published 23/12/16

    Year One class got involved with the local park and community creating a few maths games for others to play.

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  • Year One English lessons inspired by the Amazon Rainforest

    Published 07/06/16

    English lessons involve all four skills, receptive skills: listening and reading; and productive skills: speaking and writing.

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  • Making room for participation

    Published 15/04/16

    'Do' lessons are part of a three lesson cycle project. It is based on a child-initiated learning process where pupils decide what to do and what to learn.

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  • Loose parts play

    Published 23/03/16

    In any environment, both degree of inventiveness and creativity, and the possibility of discovery, are directly proportional to the number and kind of variables in it

    Simon Nicholson
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  • The future of learning with the youngest children

    Published 08/10/15

    At the Stephen Perse Foundation we have embraced technology. The way in which we use iPads and technology to enhance and transform the curriculum we provide to students has been internationally noted.

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  • 5 Tips for writing your own iBooks Textbook

    Published 09/02/15
    The Stephen Perse Foundation made 12 iBooks Textbooks available in January 2015 which follow the Cambridge International Examinations IGCSE Biology course. I wrote these in collaboration with our digital curator, Aisling Brown.
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  • Is social media planning my lessons?

    Published 12/12/14
    It’s now happens on a fairly regular basis. A look through a twitter timeline and out pops a useful comment, link or image. The next thing, I am referring to it in a lesson. Is this bad planning or opportunistic luck or is this a new wave of that takes the famous 5 minute lesson plan to new levels of speed?
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  • Why I am worried by Gove’s reforms of the qualifications’ framework

    Published 14/06/14
    It all seemed so straightforward at the beginning. Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Education, announced early in his term of office a root and branch reform of the qualifications’ framework all in the name of driving up standards.
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  • How do we evaluate? – with Explain Everything!

    Published 04/06/14
    Completing an evaluation of some kind at the end of a Design Technology project is good practice but is it really possible to do justice to a moving model on a side of A4? Explain Everything has provided us with a platform to share success, show process and comment on future improvement.
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  • The Stephen Perse Foundation Curriculum

    Published 03/06/14
    Dr Helen Stringer explains our approach to the curriculum at the Stephen Perse Foundation. Our approach is based on a holistic view, not one controlled by specific assessment targets.
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  • MFL and digital technology – Revolution or just faster evolution?

    Published 23/05/14
    Modern Languages departments have always been happening places. We have our finger on the pulse of our students’ lives and the international context in which we all exist.
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  • Map reading for the future: guidance in schools

    Published 22/04/14
    Journey into Wonderland? It’s a cliché that one of the purposes of education is to prepare children for the adult world. But that’s not as straightforward as it sounds, since we don’t know what we’re preparing them for.
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  • Only connect – the true value of citizenship

    Published 22/04/14
    I would be ashamed to disclose how old I was before I realised that Denis Healey was a real person.
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  • Learning in an iPad 1:1 school – thinking differently

    Published 01/04/14
    Being an iPad 1:1 school makes us think differently about learning.
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  • Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night Radio Show

    Published 26/03/14

    Using a great idea from our Head of English, I asked my students to create a gossip radio station, one which delighted in discussing and spreading rumours about Olivia, Orsino, Viola, Malvolio and the many combinations of likely/unlikely lovers in Twelfth Night.

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  • Mental Maths Workshop

    Published 02/03/14
    Mental maths and learning a bank of key mathematical facts is a vital part of any child's mathematical development. Facts, such as bonds to ten or one hundred or multiplication facts, underpin all the mathematical calculations and understanding that a child needs to make progress in mathematics.
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  • Being an iPad 1:1 School

    Published 02/03/14
    Back in 2011 there was chatter in our school about the potential of the iPad as a tool for learning. This ranged from a full scale, full steam ahead approach to rolling out the iPad, to full blown, full on hostility to a device which was but a passing phase in the fast changing world of technology. Introducing the iPad into our school was certainly not a “no brainer”.
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