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Arrival and departure 

Arrival by car 

There is a clockwise, one-way system in the car park. Please find a designated parking space before taking your child into School.

If there is a queue, please do not be tempted to turn right into the car park to take a space, even if one becomes available and is near you. Please do not park anywhere on the driveway.

Safety should always be paramount. Please make sure that children are closely supervised and keep speed to a minimum – under 5mph.

car door rota

The PTA organises a car door rota, which enables children from Year 1 upwards to be dropped off at the central front door, to the right of the main Reception steps, from 8.15am, with a parent there to help open car doors.

When dropping off at the front door, please pull in close to the building, as far forward as possible, leaving room for free flow of traffic to the car park; and children should be let out on the side nearer the building. The School is grateful to those parents who undertake the task of helping to keep the morning traffic flowing. If possible, please sign up to volunteer on the PTA noticeboard. 

shuttle minibus

We run a shuttle minibus from Audley End Rail Station to the School for children from Year 1 upwards, which leaves the Audley End station bus stop daily at 7.45am.

There is also a minibus from Babraham Park and Ride for children from Kindergarten upwards, which leaves at 7.50am and returns from Dame Bradbury’s at 4.00pm.

For further information regarding charges and booking please contact the school office.


Kindergarten children should be collected from the Kindergarten door.
Children in Reception should be collected from their classrooms located next to Kindergarten.
Years 1 and 2

Children in Years 1 and Year 2 should be collected from the school gate. They are supervised at the gate and only released once their parent or carer has arrived to collect them. Written authorisation is required and Form Teachers should be made aware if arrangements are made for another adult to collect a child from School.

Prep collection 

Collection for Prep at 3.40pm is from the gate, where the children are supervised by members of staff until their parent or carers arrive.

Older children walking home alone should leave by the front door, making sure they sign out so office staff are aware of their departure, and use the pavement leading to the vehicle entrance on Ashdon Road. Written permission from parents is required in advance. 

After school clubs and late stay collection 

Most after school clubs finish at 4.00pm for Pre-Prep and 4.30pm for Prep.

After clubs, parents and carers should collect their child from the gate, where the member of staff running the club will dismiss the children.

Late Stay runs from 3.15pm to 6.00pm daily and is available to all children free of charge until 4.00pm for the Pre-prep and 4.30pm for the Prep.

Tea will be provided at 4.45pm. There is a charge, added to fees in arrears. The Club starts in Vellacotts and children have time to complete homework, with support if necessary, and after that are free to play with a wide variety of games.

Craft activities are also available and children also use the wider facilities of the School such as the sports hall. A board is put up in the Vestibule (outside the Dining Room) advising where Late Stay will be if they change rooms. In warmer weather, the children can play in the school grounds and on the tennis courts.

Parents sign a Late Stay register to authorise collection. 

Late collection

Please contact the School if you are going to be late collecting your child so that we can let them know. All children not collected at appropriate time will go to Late Stay.

In the event of a child not being collected by 6.00pm, a member of the Senior Leadership Team is alerted. The child’s parents/carers will be contacted. 


Before school and once dismissed, children are the responsibility of their parents whilst on the School site. We are very fortunate to have excellent resources for play. The children are aware of how to play safely and of the age restrictions on certain equipment; for example, the climbing wall. There are strict guidelines on how all our equipment is used, including the Early Years play area, and these follow Health and Safety requirements.

Please work with us to ensure that we prevent accidents and that the equipment is treated with respect, by keeping your child with you before the school day and once he/she has been dismissed. 


Our school day