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We open the doors at 8.20am and the register is closed at 8.30am.

Collection ­

  • Children in Kindergarten attending morning sessions only are collected up from the Vestibule at 12.00pm. Please go to the school office and you will then be directed to the Vestibule to wait for your child to be brought to you from the Dining Hall.
  • Children staying all day are collected from the Kindergarten gate at 3.15pm.


For the safety of our pupils the gates are closed during school hours and all pupil, parent and staff access is via the office at the front entrance.

The gate at the far end of the playground is open in the morning for parents to drop off and is locked immediately after everyone leaves. At 3.15pm please use the car park gate and walk through the Early Years playground.


The car park, which many of you will be familiar with, is very busy at certain times of the day so do bear this in mind when dropping off and picking up your child.


It is important that we are fully aware whom your child is going home with, if anyone other than yourself or a named regular person is collecting your child.

​W​e have a password security system in place for any adults, unfamiliar to us, who you may have asked to collect your child. We understand there may be occasions when plans change during the day and in this case, please contact the school office and they will inform the Early Years staff.