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All students are provided with storage for books and files in their Form room, and a locker in one of the locker areas for coats, PE kit and other belongings. Most lockers come with a key which students must keep safely. A replacement fee (£5) is charged for lost keys.

Every item of uniform or equipment must be named. We ask that science overalls are clearly marked with your child's surname on the front of the overall, to enable easy identification in lessons. We recommend that coats are also named. 

We strongly recommend that valuables are not bought into the school. Any valuable items must be locked away in the student's locker. If, for any reason, a student must bring in a large sum of money to school, this should be taken to the School Office for safekeeping.

Musical instruments should not be left in classrooms, cloakrooms or locker areas. There is an instrument storage area in the Music Block. Instruments should be named on the outside of the case. As so many have identical black cases, a brightly-coloured label/sticker is helpful ensuring that the correct instrument is taken home at the end of the day.  Please note that all musical instruments which are used in school must be insured by parents for accidental damage, loss or theft. This applies to instruments which are hired from the School, as well as student's own instruments.

Bags may only be left in designated storage areas. Bags found in unsuitable places (e.g. on the floor in a corridor or other public spaces) present a safety hazard and will be confiscated and collected by the School Office.

Items of lost property are handed in at the School Office, so the students should check here in the first instance for anything they may have mislaid. If a search of the Form room has proved unsuccessful and the item has not been given in at the School Office, a student may place a notice in the Blog by arrangement with their Tutor.

Students are required to tidy the Form room on a regular basis and the Form Tutor will arrange a rota of tidiness duties.