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We have compiled a list of questions that parents are most likely to ask us in the early stages of the application process – we hope you find it useful.

Should you have any other questions, please make an enquiry below.

Q. Are your schools co-educational? 
Across our schools, we offer an educational pathway for boys and girls aged 1 through to 18. We are fully co-educational at our Early Years sites in Cambridge and Madingley, at Dame Bradbury’s School and at our Sixth Form. In Senior School, we operate a Diamond Model between the ages of 11 and 16, which combines the social benefits of a co-educational setting with the academic strengths of single –sex learning – the best of both worlds.
Q. Can I visit the schools? 
We hold a number of Open events throughout the year, for which booking is necessary so that we can manage numbers. Dates for these Open Events will always be advertised on our website. We would recommend for your first visit that you attend an Open Event and listen to school leaders talk about our values and approach to education. You are then welcome to book a tour to see the school on a normal working day. The tour will include the opportunity to meet with our Head of School or a senior member of staff. For those interested in boarding (Sixth Form only), there is an opportunity to visit our boarding houses and meet with the Head of Boarding. Tours can be booked via our online admissions portal at We hope you will appreciate as a very busy and over-subscribed school, we are not always able to accommodate tours of the schools outside of these published dates.
Q. What is the Sixth Form assessment process? 
Once applications have been received candidates will be invited to the school in November for assessment which will consist of the following: -Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT4) is a diagnostic assessment that is designed to help students and their teachers understand how they learn and what their academic potential might be. It assesses how students think in areas that are known to make a difference to learning. While many tests focus on a child’s attainment in core subjects, CAT4 is designed to give schools a much broader, more rounded view of each child, their potential and how they learn. Results help teachers decide about the pace of learning that is right for a student and whether additional support or challenge is needed. -All candidates will have a general interview with the Head of school or a senior member of staff. -An offer of a place will be conditional on achieving a successful reference from your current school and the required results at GCSE or equivalent. As a guide we would require a minimum of 50 points for the eight best (I)GCSE results. Points will be calculated from the new 9-1 grading system or or using the conversion table below. We require at least 7 points in any subject that they intend to study in the Sixth Form where the subject is already being studied at (I)GCSE. For Higher Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics we require at least 8 points (A*on the old system). Grade A* = 8.5 points Grade A = 7 points Grade B = 5.5 points Grade C = 4 points Grade D = 3 points Grade E = 2 points
Q. How do I register my child for a place? 
Our online application form is the first official step in the application process. When making an application it will include a payment of a non-refundable registration fee of £100. We will also approach your child’s current school for a reference as soon as they have made an application. For any pupils with individual needs we will ask for all supporting information at the application stage. Once the form is completed and you have created an account on our admission portal, all correspondence about your application will be sent through this.
Q. Can I apply at any time of year? 
Yes, with the exception of the Sixth Form. Entrance testing for Rosedale House, Dame Bradbury’s and Senior School usually takes place in the January before the September start (e.g. January 2019 for September 2019 entry). However, we understand that families are often looking for places at a new school at other times of the year, such as when relocating for a new job, so we are flexible wherever possible providing that there are spaces available.
Q. Can my child do the assessments while we are still abroad? 
While it is obviously better to do the tests and interviews in person, if at all possible, if you have to remain overseas we can accommodate your child sitting the entrance exams in your home country. If your current school is a registered international school we are happy for the exams to take place there; otherwise we ask that you arrange for him/her to sit the papers at the British Council. This is to ensure that the integrity of our tests is preserved and ensures fairness across the board as this will emulate the testing environment here at Stephen Perse. We will do our upmost to accommodate your travel timetables when booking your child’s assessment.
Q. Will you need to contact my child’s current school as part of the admissions process? 
We do require a satisfactory reference from your child’s current school. If you do not want us to contact your child’s current school before a place is offered the offer of a place will be conditional on receipt of a satisfactory reference.
Q. My child needs additional learning support, is this something you can accommodate? 
Yes, each of our schools benefits from the guidance of a Special Educational needs Coordinator (SENCO) and if your child requires support we will work with you to ensure that his/her needs are met. In the event that our specialist teachers do not have the expertise necessary to plan for your child’s continued progress we would consult with an external specialist teacher with your agreement. At the application stage you will be required to indicate if your child has SEND requirements. Please also make our Admissions Registrar aware of this to enable her to arrange for you to meet our SENCO.
Q. Is boarding available at your schools? 
Yes, for sixth form students only. Boarding places will be available from September 2019. Please contact us for more information at this stage.