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Our Early Years team have regular meetings to discuss each child's progress and to plan activities that will enhance and support their needs and interests.

Reporting progress

At the end of Autumn Term you will receive a full report from your Key Person and we will invite you to a Parents’ Evening where you can discuss your child’s progress and share their Learning Journey.

There is a second Parents’ Evening in Spring Term followed by a detailed end of year report in Summer Term.

If you wish to discuss your child’s progress or look at their Learning Journey at any time please do speak to your child’s Key Person who will arrange this.

Key communication channels

  • Staff are available every day to meet and greet; by email or telephone
  • Our online school calendar
  • Regular emails through Schoolpost
  • Information meetings, workshops and booklets
  • Twitter and Tumblr 
  • Early Years' Curriculum Guidelines 
  • Regular newsletters, sent by email

WOW certificates for home achievements

WOW certificates are available for you to fill in if your child has done something out of school that can contribute to their Learning Journey e.g. riding a bike, swimming unaided, staying in bed all night etc. These achievements will be shared with the class.

Bringing in items from home 

Children in Kindergarten may bring in a cuddly toy or special blanket during the first term as a means of settling in.

We then request that special toys are left at home but do encourage relevant items for our topics. This can include drawings they have done at home, postcards received, special presents for their birthday, items found on family days out or walks.


Birthdays are very special at this age and we enjoy sharing these moments with the children.

If you would like to bring in treats or cakes to share with the class please can we ask that you make sure they do n​ot c​ontain nuts.

We are very happy to hand out party invitations. Please give them to us and we will ensure they go home in book bags.