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Members of staff are always pleased to discuss with parents any matter concerning their children, except during actual teaching hours, prior notification being helpful.

The Head is very pleased to see parents at any mutually convenient time. Please make an appointment through the office.


Email is used to send regular information to parents, including newletters from Dame Bradbury's and the Foundation. Other information is kept up to date online, including: 

Parents' evenings

Parents’ Evenings are an opportunity to discuss your child’s progress with their teacher. All forms have a Parents’ Evening in the Autumn Term.

Kindergarten to Year 4 also have one during the Spring Term. Year 5 have a Parents’ Evening in September in which to discuss future schools.

  • For Kindergarten to Year 2, appointments are made by signing lists outside the relevant classroom.  
  • For Years 3 to 6 appointments are made on the noticeboard in the Vestibule.

Appointments can also be made to see the Head and other specialist staff on these evenings.


Reports are written twice a year for all children. Parents will receive these approximately one week before the end of both the Autumn and Summer Term. 

Learning and homework