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We are very pleased that you have chosen the Stephen Perse Foundation for your child and look forward to establishing a partnership with you to ensure that their educational experience with us is as happy and successful as possible.

Our approach fosters a love of learning; helps students to become inquiring, reflective, open-minded young people and prepares them for the opportunities of the 21st Century, so they are equipped to play an active role in an increasingly international world.

Our Parent Handbook 

We have provided key information about Junior School below, however if there is anything you do not understand, or anything you are worried about, please do not hesitate to contact us

Our school day & travel


Junior School

Clubs and activities


Clubs and activities

Late Stay


Late Stay Junior School



Junior Pupils



Junior School attendance

Achievement and responsibilities

Junior achievement

Music and speech lessons


Junior music



Junior Uniform

Homework, marking, parents' consultations and reports


Junior parent consultations



Junior School sport


our core values 
Our core values are: 
  • excellence and creativity in teaching and learning 
  • encouraging personal and social responsibility 
  • celebrating individuality and diversity

These principles define our school community and are at the heart of all we do. In following these ideals, we aim to achieve the highest standards in an all-round education. Our pupils are individuals with a myriad of interests and talents, and this school enables them to thrive.

our staff  
Principal Miss Tricia Kelleher
Head of Junior School Miss Katie Milne
Deputy Head of Junior School Mrs Susan Roberts
Director of Studies Mrs Caroline Petryszak
Director of 6th Form and Guidance Mr Simon Armitage
Director of Digital Strategy Mr Daniel Edwards
Head of Senior School Mr David Walker
Bursar Mrs Jenny Neild
Deputy Bursar Operations Mrs Debbie Forster
Finance Bursar Mrs Georgina Mason
Communications and Marketing Manager Mrs Jeanette Ariano

Form teachers and subject teachers

3A / Head of Year 3 Miss Marcelle Dobson
3Alpha Miss Jennifer Warnes
4A Mrs Adrianne Russell
4Alpha / Head of Year 4 Mrs Susan Roberts
5A / Head of Year 5 Mrs Kathryn Saeb-Parsy
5Alpha Mrs Philippa Parker
5Aleph Mrs Amanda Marty
6A Mrs Catherine Vagh
6Alpha / Head of Year 6 Mrs Kate Long
Art and Design Engineering Mrs Emma Mason
French Mrs Liese Neely
Spanish Mrs Marie Foreman
Music Mrs Hannah Mulholland
Science Mr Gordon West
Speech Miss Alex James and Mrs Sarah Cruise
Assistant Director of Sport Mr David Millward
Inclusion Specialist Ms Sara Gustafsson

Senior School staff associated with the Junior School

Head of Design Engineering Mr Roger Bett
Design Engineering Mr Patrick Carberry
Head of Drama Ms Helene Barrell
Drama Ms Georgina Wood
French Mme Stéphanie Covez
French Mme A J Webster
Director of Music Mr Matthew Rudd
Music Mrs Cherry Blanchard
Music Dr Christopher Dexter-Mills
Music Mrs Kiran Roberts
Director of Sport Mrs Charlotte Wells
Sport Mrs Lorinda Booth
Sport Miss Louise Cresswell
Sport Mr Tony Pepper
Sport Mr Matt Styles

Support staff

JS Office Manager Miss Emma Ford
Administrator Mrs Melissa Beagles
Administrator Mrs Juliette Alderton
Administrator Mrs Alison Keigher
Librarian Mrs Niki Rogers
Y3 Teaching Assistant Mrs Lucy Barnes
Science Technician Mrs Joanne Minion
Art & DE Technician Mrs Claire Bonnett
Late Stay Supervisor Mrs Yalan Patrick
Late Stay Assistant Mrs Lynn Weaver
Junior School Chef Mrs Patricia Tucker
Catering Assistant Mrs Kathleen Brown
Catering Assistant Miss Lynn Wilson
Catering Assistant Mrs Erika Brock
notice of withdrawal 

A full term’s notice of intention to withdraw a pupil from the Stephen Perse Foundation at the end of a term must be given in writing to the Head of Junior School. If such notice is not given, the full term’s fees for the following term are liable to be paid. A full term’s notice to discontinue individual music or speech lessons is also required, on the same conditions.

valuables policy 
The School accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to personal property or for the safekeeping of any valuables brought to school. 

Any property of value, such as musical instruments, watches, fountain pens, calculators, mobile phones and bicycles, should be clearly named. Please note that all musical instruments, which are used in school, must be insured by parents for accidental damage, loss or theft. This applies to instruments which are hired from the School, as well as pupils’ own instruments. 

Pupils are responsible for the safekeeping of any money brought to school. Any sum in excess of £3 which, exceptionally, has to be brought should be entrusted to the Form Teacher or the Junior School Office until the pupil leaves at the end of the day.

online systems 
Payment for educational visits must be made through the online payment system. The Foundation reserves the right to make other items exclusively available through the online payment system. 

The normal method of communication with parents is via School Post and email, unless there are exceptional circumstances which prevent this from being possible. 

End of year reports on pupil progress are distributed electronically via a secure website.