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Staff supervision and breakfast are available from 8:00am. All pupils should aim to arrive at school by 8:30am, in time for morning registration.

Parents are asked to ensure that their children arrive punctually in the morning but that they do not enter the Junior School site before 7:40am at the earliest, unless prior arrangements have been made.

Children who arrive before 8am are supervised in a designated area.

Time Activity
8.00am Breakfast available in the hall, classrooms open
8.20am Period 1 – Form Time and clubs
8.30am Morning registration 
8.40am Assembly
9.00am Period 2
9.40am Period 3
10.20am Morning break – fruit tuck shop open, library open
10.40am Period 4
11.20am Period 5
12.00pm Period 6/lunch break – clubs, library open
12.40pm Period 7/lunch break – clubs, library open
1.20pm Afternoon Registration
1.20pm Period 8
2.00pm Period 9
2.40pm Period 10
3.20pm Form Time and Dismissal
3.30pm Late Stay and clubs
6.00pm Late Stay closes

Collection at the end of the school day

3:30pm – All pupils going straight home and expecting to be collected will be supervised on the driveway.

4:00pm – Driveway supervision ends. Any uncollected children will be taken to Late Stay.