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We aim to encourage our students to become independent learners and responsible citizens. To this end, we have certain expectations of our students and offer opportunities for them to become leaders.

Responsibilities include:

  • Working to the best of your ability and handing in homework on time.
  • Keeping the Form room and environment of the school tidy.
  • Assisting in the preparation and delivery of the Form’s annual assembly.
  • Assisting in charity fund-raising activities under the supervision of the Tutor.
  • Abiding by the agreed Code of Conduct.
  • Avoiding taking part in bullying incidents, even as an onlooker, and passing on any information about bullying to a member of staff promptly.
  • Using the iPad in a sensible and appropriate way.

Leadership opportunities include:

  • Each term, one or two Form representatives for Student Forum are selected. The Student Forum is an official committee that provides students with the opportunity to discuss the aspects of school they would like to improve. Meetings are held once every half term after school and agenda items are identified and discussed in advance.
  • Each Form has a Charities Representative, chosen on a termly rotation, to lead the Form’s charity fundraising efforts.
  • In Years 7 – 9, each Form chooses a Form Leader every term. The Form Leader is responsible for supervising the tidiness rota and conveying important messages to the Form.
  • At the end of Spring Term, a selection process takes place in Year 10 to appoint the Head of School, their Deputy, and the House Captains. The House Captains' team leads the student body and represents the students at public events (such as Open Morning) for the year. They also coordinate the inter-house competitions.
  • All Year 10 students are given the opportunity to serve on one of the Leadership Committees which help to organise various areas of school life, such as sport, wellbeing, digital learning and mentoring younger peers. Students sit on these Committees for one year.


Students are encouraged to be positive, respectful and responsible members of the school community and their efforts in this sphere are explicitly recognised. House Points are awarded to individuals for excellent work, effort, or kindness towards their peers. Certificates are awarded when House Point milestones are reached. All individual House Points are added to the grand House total.

At the end of each term, Commendations for Service are awarded to students in all year groups who have made an outstanding contribution to the life of the School or the Community. These are awarded by the Head of Senior School on the recommendation of the Pastoral Leader.

For all year groups, individual achievements are celebrated in Year Assembly or, where appropriate, in School Assembly. We would encourage you to tell your child’s Pastoral Leader of their achievements outside school, so that these can also receive the recognition they deserve within school.


At the end of the Summer Term, prizes are awarded in recognition of outstanding achievement, effort and progress as well as leadership and contribution to the school and community. Prizes may be awarded for a specific subject or area of achievement by nomination of the Curriculum Leader for the relevant department or they may be awarded by nomination of the Pastoral Leader, for criteria including report grades (both for attitude and for attainment) and exam results.