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Children are supervised by a member of the Stephen Perse Foundation staff at all times while on the school premises.

Early Years

There is a full-time class teacher and teaching assistant in both our Early Years year groups, so the children can build secure relationships with the adults and feel safe and confident in their surroundings.

The class teacher acts as the key worker for all the children in the Reception class. Children starting in our Kindergarten will be allocated a key worker before they start. The key workers in Kindergarten are the class teacher and teaching assistant. The key workers are responsible for observing your child and planning activities that meets their individual needs.

Our City late stay is supervised by Mrs Emily Little (QTS) and Mr Rob Fox (Level 4). Our Madingley late stay is supervised by Miss Stef Johnson. In order to work within Early Years ratios we ensure that there are 1:13 for qualified teachers and 1:8 for Level 3 and above Teaching Assistants. At all times a member of Senior Management or a Senior teacher is available on each site in addition to the late stay supervisors outlined above. 

For minibus transport from the City site to Madingley in the morning the ratios for Early Years pupils are 1:8 for Level Three teaching assistants who supervise and 1:13 for those who supervise with QTS.

Key Stage 1

Every class has a full- time teacher and a part time teaching assistant. As the children get older they become more independent in the daily routines of school life so the teaching assistants are used to support children that need extra practice on a particular aspect of a lesson and to challenge children that excel in a specific subject.

Class teachers and teaching assistants are known by their formal title.