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Drama and Theatre scholarships are awarded to shortlisted applicants based on individual auditions and an interview. Drama scholarships are available to both external applicants and pupils progressing from Year 8 in the Senior School.


To apply, internal applicants should complete the scholarship application form by logging into the admissions portal, and complete the relevant scholarship application form in the checklist. External applicants when registering via our online admissions portal will be given the opportunity to choose to apply for a scholarship - the scholarship form will then be made available in the checklist items. In addition to this, applicants should provide details of an audition speech.

Applicants should submit a written account of their relevant theatrical experience, including details of roles played in specific productions. 

Auditions and interview

During an individual audition, applicants will have the opportunity to perform their audition speech, which will be followed by an interview with the Curriculum Leader of Drama. Auditions will take place at the Senior School.

The role of drama scholars

Our drama scholars are expected to take part actively and contribute to a range of extra curricular drama and theatre activities such as productions and clubs relevant to their year group.

Additional opportunities for scholars

Drama scholars may also be invited to participate in additional workshops and informal performances. All scholars are invited to participate in a selection of theatre trips organised by the department throughout the year free of charge.