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Children don’t stop learning when they leave school at the end of the day or term. There’s so much to absorb when you’re growing fast – and so much that parents can do to help.

A quiet, distraction-free place to do homework is essential, access to the internet is useful but you can’t put a value on a parent’s interest and involvement. We do our best to make sure you know what’s going on with an introductory evening each September where you’ll meet your child’s new form teacher, find out about homework expectations and pick up useful advice in areas such as staying safe online. Then there are information evenings on the curriculum and parenting talks such as how to raise boys and how to cope with the onset of puberty.

If they’re stuck on homework, you can even send yourself back to school (YouTube makes it easy – we use Quietube to cut the distractions and stay safe) to brush up on fractions or help them to search for the details that will bring their history essay to life. Talk to us any time if you want to discuss what’s appropriate help and what might be cheating.

The most mundane parts of everyday life can also be an opportunity to share information and stimulate their thinking. A trip to the supermarket, for example, could mean using simple arithmetic to decide on the best value buys, discussing the countries where their favourite fruit comes from or explaining food miles and the social and economic benefits of buying from local suppliers.

Holidays are a chance to investigate different cultures and languages, museums open children’s eyes to art and history, a walk in the country can give a fresh take on geography or science and a walk in town could lead on to building design and materials.

Above all, nothing beats talking to your child and exploring the world with him or her – although a bedtime story, a hug and an early night can come close.