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iTunes U and iBooks

Our talented teachers – in a wide range of subjects – have developed a world-leading suite of iBook Textbooks and iTunes U courses. Created with the support of an educational technologist, our resources are continuously developed to meet the needs of our learners.




Our latest releases

  • 3-11 Maths: Addition
    Alice Heywood & Aisling Brown
  • IB Philosophy: Core Theme
    The Stephen Perse Foundation
  • GCSE Design: History of Fashion Design
    Alexandra Atkinson & Aisling Brown
  • Cambridge IGCSE Biology: Biological Molecules & Enzymes
    Alexander van Dijk & Aisling Brown
  • SPF Languages: The Pelinguist 2016
    Felicity Ray and Others

Digital outreach

It’s not just our learners who benefit from these resources. We share our resources globally, providing free access to quality learning materials for young people worldwide.

So far, we’ve had over 270,000 visitors to our iTunes U store and over 100,000 course downloads, plus over 80,000 downloads of our iBook Textbooks.

  • 80,000+
    iBooks downloaded
  • 100,000+
    iTunes U course downloads
  • 270,000+
    Visitors to our iTunes store