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We are very pleased that you have chosen the Stephen Perse Foundation for your child and look forward to establishing a partnership with you to ensure that their educational experience with us is as happy and successful as possible.

This online Parent Handbook is an A-Z of the Senior School and we hope it answers some of the questions you may still have about the school.

Our aim

We aim to foster a love of learning, helping our students to become enquiring, reflective, open-minded young people, prepared for the opportunities and challenges of the twenty-first century, and equipped to play an active role in an increasingly international world.

Our core values which support this aim are:

  • excellence and creativity in teaching and learning
  • encouraging personal and social responsibility
  • celebrating individuality and diversity

Our school day and travel


Senior School

Clubs and activities

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Uniform and equipment


Senior uniform


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Course choices

Information for students and parents on course options for Year 9 Creative and Technololgy modules, as well as our GCSE course information. 

Course choices


All students are provided with storage for books and files in their Form Room, and a locker in one of the locker areas for coats, PE kit and other belongings on request. Some lockers come with a key which students must keep safely. A replacement fee (£5.00) is charged for lost keys. Every item of uniform or equipment must be named. We ask that science overalls are clearly marked with your child’s surname on the front of the overall, to enable easy identification in lessons. We recommend that coats are also named.

We strongly recommend that valuables are not brought into school. Any valuable items must be locked away in a student’s locker. If, for any reason, a student must bring a large sum of money to school, this should be taken to the School Office for safekeeping.

Musical instruments should not be left in classrooms, cloakrooms or locker areas. There is an instrument storage area in the Music Block. Instruments should be named on the outside of the case.

As so many have identical black cases, a brightly-coloured label/sticker is helpful in ensuring that the correct instrument is taken home at the end of the day. 

Please note that all musical instruments which are used in school must be insured by parents for accidental damage, loss or theft. This applies to instruments which are hired from the School as well as students’ own instruments.

Bags may only be left in designated storage areas. Bags found in unsuitable places (e.g. on the floor in a corridor or other public space) present a safety hazard and will be confiscated. As a deterrent a fee of 50p (donated to charity) may be charged for release.

Items of lost property are handed in at the School Office or Sports Office, so students should check there in the first instance for anything they may have mislaid. If a search of the form room has proved unsuccessful and the item has not been given in at the School Office, a student may place a notice in the Blog by arrangement with their Tutor.

Students are required to tidy the form room on a regular basis and the Form Tutor will arrange a rota of tidiness duties.

ipads and mobile phones 


Each student in the Senior School is issued an iPad to use throughout their time at the school. It has a range of apps to enhance collaboration and creativity, to develop their capacity for independent research and to support individual learning both within and beyond the classroom.

Students are able to take their iPads home, unless you opt out of this, to gain maximum educational benefit from them. We emphasise strongly to the students both the fact that technology is secondary to personal interaction with family and friends, and the need for significant periods of “down time” away from technology. To help them to achieve a sensible balance, students are not permitted to have non-educational games on their iPads at school. We appreciate your support in educating the students in establishing appropriate behaviour in their use of technology.

The iPads are leased to students; the cost of which is included in the school fees. iPad damages are chargeable, more detail on this can be found in the Student Technology Acceptable Use Policy. The iPad and accessories are the property of the Foundation and should be returned, along with textbooks, when your child leaves the Senior School.

Mobile phones 

Students may have a mobile phone in school for use to and from school; however they may not use it without explicit permission from a member of staff during the school day.

Any phones used between 8:30am - 4:00pm will be confiscated by staff, resulting in a sanction and deposited with the School Officer for collection at the end of the day.

online systems 
Payment for educational visits must be made through the online payment system. The Foundation reserves the right to make other items exclusively available via payment through the online payment system.

Communication from the school will take the form of email, unless there are exceptional circumstances which prevent this from being the normal method of communication.

Reports on student progress are distributed electronically via email.

Safety and security 

The safety of our students is our paramount concern. As a school occupying a city-centre site, we are obliged to take a number of precautions to ensure the safety of all our students and we ask parents to co-operate with us in these.

Students are issued with Access Control cards at the beginning of the year. These cards bear a unique number but no other information about the bearer or the institution to which they belong. We ask students to keep the cards safe, avoiding lending or borrowing cards or marking them in any way to make identification of the cardholder easier.

It is vital that a student who has lost his/her card reports the loss immediately so that the card can be deactivated. Student Access Control cards operate the student entrances on Coronation Street and Panton Street until 6.00pm daily. No student may leave the premises during normal school hours, including the lunch break, without permission from their Pastoral Leader or a member of the senior teaching staff. When a student has been given permission to leave school during the school day, e.g. for an appointment, they must sign out at Reception on departure and, if appropriate, sign in again when returning to school.

Cycling safety is a particular source of concern to us in view of the congested nature of the roads around the Senior School site. We strongly advise students to wear safety helmets and fluorescent clothing when cycling and recommend that students undertake cycling proficiency training. 

Students in Years 7 - 9 travel between school sites (e.g. to the Games field) in groups and following a designated route. To travel to/from venues in Cambridge for school-related activities, they are under the supervision of staff. In Years 10 and 11, students are permitted to travel between sites and to/from venues in Cambridge for school-related activities in groups unsupervised.