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We are fortunate to have some of the highest calibre of teaching staff for all of our outstanding schools. All are committed to our vision and values

Our teaching staff are key to the provision of our first-class education.

Principal: Miss Tricia Kelleher

Pre-Prep (Cambridge and Madingley)

Staff Role(s)
Mrs Claire Allin Year 1 Teacher
Mrs Natasha Angetter-Hannam Year 2 teacher and Forest School co-ordinator
Mrs Anna Greatrex Reception teacher
Mrs Jasvir Hegarty Year 1 teacher  and Deputy Head
Mrs Denise Heal Reception teacher
Mrs Sarah Holyoake Head of Pre-Prep
Mrs Kate Lee Kindergarten teacher and Deputy Head
Mrs Keri Lennon Year 2 teacher
Ms Mònica Perez Daunas Year 1 teacher
Miss Crystal Valcin Kindergarten teacher

Junior School (Cambridge)

Staff Role(s)
Miss Katherine Bluck Year 4 teacher and Deputy Head of Junior School
Mrs Marie Foreman Spanish teacher
Mrs Kate Long Year 6 teacher and Head of Year 6
Mrs Kerry Watkins-Marks Design Engineering teacher
Mrs Amanda Marty Year 5 teacher and Head of Year 5
Mrs Emma Mason Art and Design teacher
Mr David Millward Assistant Director of Sport
Miss Katie Milne Head of Junior School
Mrs Hannah Mulholland Music teacher
Mrs Liese Neely French teacher
Mrs Philippa Parker Year 5 teacher
Mrs Kate Richardson Year 3 teacher
Mrs Adrianne Russell Year 3 teacher and Head of Year 3
Mrs Kathryn Saeb-Parsy Year 4 teacher and Head of Year 4
Miss Candice Stevens Year 6 teacher
Mrs Catherine Vagh Year 6 teacher
Mr Gordon West Science teacher

Dame Bradbury's School (Saffron Walden)     

Staff Role(s)
Mrs Audrey Barton Year 4 teacher
Mrs Katy Bootman Head of Design and Technology
Mrs Liz Bicknell Forest School teacher
Miss Verity Brownbridge Head of Early Years/Reception
Miss Imogen Burcher Head of English/Year 5
Mrs Sarah Clark Drama teacher
Mrs Emma Cooper Head of Music and Performing Arts
Mrs Debbie Digby Head of Maths/Year 6
Mr Nick Evans Head of Sport
Mrs Kate Faircliffe Year 2/History leader
Mrs Marie Foreman Head of Spanish
Mr Sam Godfrey Head of Girls' Sport/Year 4
Mrs Louise Graham Deputy Head/Year 6 (Pastoral)
Ms Sara Gustafsson Inclusion specialist
Mr David Hewlett Head of Science/Digital Learning
Mrs Tracy Handford Head of Dame Bradbury's School 
Mrs Sue Knowles Year 3/RE leader
Mr Paul Leggoe Year 2/Games
Mrs Rebecca Lodwig Year 1 teacher
Mr Simon Newnes Year 4/Games
Mrs Jo Parkin Sports coach
Mrs Sam Pluck Reception teacher
Ms Claudine Prowse French teacher
Miss Alison Terry Year 3/Geography leader
Miss Katrina White Year 1 teacher

Senior School and 6th Form staff

Staff Role(s)
Mr Roger Bett Curriculum Leader of Design Engineering and Integrated Learning Projects co-ordinator
Mr Patrick Carberry Design teacher
Miss Emily Cooper

Digital Art teacher

Mr Ben Keeble Curriculum Leader of Visual Arts and Step Out co-ordinator
Ms Diana Scarborough Digital Art teacher
Mrs Emma Wilshaw Art teacher
Dr Allison Curry Biology teacher
Mrs Sarah Ellegaard Curriculum Leader of Biology
Miss Rachael Johnson Biology teacher
Mrs Sarah Sutherland Biology teacher
Mr Alex van Dijk Biology teacher and Extended Essay co-ordinator
Miss Aisling Brown Chemistry teacher
Ms Rita Chow Chemistry teacher
Dr Alison Maguire Chemistry teacher
Mrs Jacqueline Paris Chemistry teacher and Head of IB
Dr Shaz Rahman Chemistry teacher and Head of A Level
Dr Clare Stourton Chemistry teacher
Dr Mark Woodward Curriculum Leader of Chemistry
Ms Angela Cheetham Classics teacher
Miss Abbey Jones Classics teacher and Deputy Head of Senior School
Mrs Elise Jones Classics teacher
Dr Sonya Kirk Classics teacher
Mr George Lord Classics teacher
Ms Katharine Radice Curriculum Leader of Classics
Ms Helene Barrell Curriculum Leader of Drama
Miss Georgina Wood Drama teacher
Miss Naomi Atkins Curriculum Leader of Economics and Head of 6th Form
Ms Helen Moriarty Economics teacher
Ms Helen Holgate English teacher, Second in Department
Ms Elizabeth Juneau English teacher
Ms Helen Kedie Curriculum Leader of English
Mrs Elizabeth Mack English teacher
Miss Rebecca Taylor English teacher and Pastoral Leader Year 7
Ms Meriel Whalan English teacher
Mr Thomas Williams English teacher
Mrs Helen Archer Geography teacher
Mr Tim Pegler Curriculum Leader of Geography
Mr Adam Williams Geography teacher
Mr Matthew Connor Curriculum Leader of History
Dr Sophie Murray History teacher
Mrs Natalie Stanley History teacher
Mrs Elizabeth Sefton History teacher
Dr Simon Tustin History teacher
Mrs Caroline Wren

History teacher and Pastoral Leader Year 9


Mr David Atkins Curriculum Leader of Mathematics
Mr Paul Carter Mathematics teacher & Second in Department
Ms Gracinda Colaco Mathematics teacher
Mrs Hannah Crossley Mathematics teacher
Miss Vicki Franks Mathematics teacher
Mrs Nicolle Hallam Mathematics teacher
Mr Andrew Roberts Mathematics and Computational Thinking teacher
Miss Hannah Robson Mathematics teacher
Mr Sean Rouse Mathematics teacher
Mr Kerryn Rowley Mathematics teacher


Mrs Tatiana Churilina Curriculum Leader of Russian
Ms Stephanie Covez French and Spanish teacher
Ms Elizabeth Cox French teacher
Ms Veronica Escudero Spanish teacher
Mrs Claudia Freeman Head of Modern Foreign Languages and Curriculum Leader of German
Dr Lucy Hosker Italian and French teacher
Ms Dawn Hull Mandarin Chinese teacher and Tutor for International Studies
Mr Abel Latorre Serna Spanish teacher  and PSHE co-ordinator
Ms Sandrine Parente Curriculum Leader of French
Mr Ignazio Pompeo  Curriculum Leader of Spanish and Italian
Dr Ulrike Walton-Jordan German teacher
Mrs AJ Webster French teacher and EAL co-ordinator
Mrs Cherry Blanchard Assistant Director of Music
Dr Christopher Dexter Mills Assistant Director of Music
Mrs Kiran Roberts Music teacher
Mr Matthew Rudd Director of Music and Oxbridge co-ordinator
Mrs Lorinda Booth PE teacher
Miss Louise Cresswell PE teacher and Enrichment co-ordinator
Mr Daniel Edwards

PE teacher and Director of Digital Strategy

Mr Ross Hayward Head of Hockey
Mr Tony Pepper PE teacher
Mr Matthew Styles PE teacher and Pastoral Leader Year 11
Mrs Charlotte Wells Director of Sport
Mrs Gill Dambaza Director of Science
Mr Dave Hudson Physics teacher
Dr Karianne Law Physics teacher
Mrs Susan Passmore Physics teacher
Mr David Walker Physics teacher and Head of Senior School
Dr Laura Wright Curriculum Leader of Physics
Ms Anna Kotowska Psychology teacher
Mrs Sheila Thomas Curriculum Leader of Psychology
Mrs Helen Bryant RS and Philosophy teacher and Pastoral Leader Year 10
Mr William Frost RS and Philosophy teacher and Pastoral Leader Year 8
Mrs Fiona Holiday Curriculum Leader of RS and Philosophy



"Teaching across the school is of a high standard and often inspiring ... The high level of personal development ... is due in no small measure to the excellent pastoral care, given by committed staff."

ISI Report - Dame B's 2015