• Stephen Perse Pre-prep School

    Stephen Perse Foundation Pre-prep, top independent school for boys and girls aged 3 - 7

    Life is an adventure. We help our boys and girls to greet it with joy and confidence, whether that means perfecting their balancing act in the playground or having another go at a sum that defeated them first time round. Our independent pre-prep is a single school with parallel classes running at two sites – one in an idyllic, Victorian schoolhouse in Madingley and the other alongside our bustling junior school in the heart of Cambridge.

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  • Stephen Perse Foundation Junior School

    Stephen Perse Foundation Junior School, top independent school for boys and girls aged 7 - 11

    This is a friendly, busy independent school where what you already know matters less than what you can learn and where horizons expand rapidly to take in science, new languages, a range of sports, musical instruments, drama, charity fund-raising and the closest of friendships. It’s also a place where habits are formed for life – resilience, persistence, questioning and decisiveness among them. Thinking skills form part of every lesson and even philosophy becomes part of everyday life.

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  • Stephen Perse Foundation Senior School

    Stephen Perse Foundation Senior School, top independent school for girls aged 11 - 16 (taking boys from 2017)

    We feed and stimulate our students' curiosity, encourage them to pursue their interests, offer support and, crucially, teach them to think for themselves. As well as lessons and homework there’s an alphabet of sports, from athletics and badminton to squash and touch rugby; a mass of musical opportunities; a fabulous visual arts centre to rival anything in art college; a drama production every term; and dozens of clubs and societies where you can explore every interest.

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  • Stephen Perse 6th Form College

    Stephen Perse Foundation 6th Form College, top independent school for boys and girls aged 16 - 18

    Stephen Perse 6th Form is less about being taught and more about intellectual discovery. We get excellent results (at A level and IB Diploma) and whichever route you pick, you’ll be taught by brilliant, creative staff with a passion for their subject. Sport, music, art and drama play a big part in college life and our enrichment programme could see you travelling to India or Japan, trying out your entrepreneurial skills or taking part in a mock trial.

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  • Stephen Perse Alumni

    Stephen Perse Foundation alumni, for former students who want to keep in touch

    If you’re curious about what happened to your year group and other friends and want to keep up with news from school, this is the place for you. We run events for former students, ranging from concerts and fund-raisers to the annual reunion. If you would like to share your professional experience, we have networking groups in different industry sectors from business management and charity to education and medicine. And we’re always delighted if you’d like to become an industry mentor for current students or come back and talk about your experiences.

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