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What is education for, if not to help us fulfil our dreams?

Across our six schools, we truly understand what makes each child tick. By thinking of pupils as individuals, with unique hopes, talents and ambitions – we unlock their true potential.

We enjoy learning for its own sake. Our teachers ignite curiosity, encourage critical thinking and creativity. By learning to think for themselves our pupils go on to achieve exceptional results ...

Latest News

  • Watch as Sport in the Sky at the Stephen Perse Foundation grows!

    As the Stephen Perse Foundation's new building continues to rise, ready to provide sport in the sky for students, a time-lapse has been...

  • Success at National Schools Equestrian Association Show Jumping event

    Our Equestrian team competed at the National Schools Equestrian Association Show Jumping event at Wellingborough School during half term and...

  • A real Treatt for Year 7

    On Friday 26th May we were treated to a very pleasant aroma of citrus fruits and essential oils coming from the H block...

  • Students vote in mock elections after school campaigns

    As voters descended on polling stations around the country yesterday, young voters also posted their ballots during the Stephen Perse Founda...

  • Busy Bees get creative in preparation for Carnival fun

    Boys and girls at Dame Bradbury’s School are turning creative ideas into a show-stopping float, as they prepare to join the Saffron Wa...

  • Year 4 residential trip to Burwell

    Year 4 pupils had waited for many months for their Burwell experience and when it arrived, earlier this month, it certainly lived up to expe...

  • Students awarded for project to design water management system in refugee camps

    Six students from the Stephen Perse Foundation 6th Form College have won an award for their invention to manage water in refugee camps...

  • Kolia to represent England in European tournament

    A 6th Former from the Stephen Perse Foundation is set to play for England in a European Touch Rugby tournament...

  • Battle of the Bands rocks Dame B's!

    Young musicians took to the stage at Dame Bradbury’s last week to go head to head in a Battle of the Bands competition...

  • Sport in the sky! Education in Cambridge reaches new heights

    The Stephen Perse Foundation reached new heights today as the tallest part of their new sports hall building was put into place at a...

  • Learning to spot a liar

    By Beth S Never be fooled again! Learn how to spot a liar...

  • An Interview With Mr Pompeo

    Mr Pompeo reveals his thoughts on the school going co-ed and his love of Swedish music By Laura H, Cecily W and Megan P...

  • Tricia Kelleher's blog

    Education is life itself

    “O tempore o mores” as Jacob Rees-Mogg might say. Or “OMG what on earth is going on?” as other less rarified individuals would say...

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Who we are

The Stephen Perse Foundation brings together six schools under the same ethos – to offer an education which is about educating young people for their future. Whilst we remain committed to academic excellence we understand the importance of an education which values the immeasurable as well as the measurable.  

Our distinctive Learning Wheel places our learners at its core. To stand still is potentially to go backwards and so everyone in our organisation – students, staff and teachers – all look to the future.

  • wheel_outer

    Outer circle

    We prepare young people to blaze a trail in whatever field they choose. They leave us equipped with a breadth of skills, ready to become responsible global citizens.

  • wheel_middle_1

    Learning Segment

    We group our subjects together into six curriculum areas. We teach subjects in an integrated way, because the future belongs to those who can think way beyond narrow subject boundaries.

  • wheel_middle_2

    Learning to think

    Education is not just about imparting knowledge. It’s about teaching young people how to think for themselves: critically, creatively and collaboratively.

  • wheel_inner

    Developing Character

    Fostering a secure bedrock of self-esteem and a sure moral compass is essential preparation for a future in a complex world.

  • wheel_centre

    Our Learners

    Our schools are small enough to ensure that each learner is known. By placing our learners at the centre of our approach, we create an education that allows individuality to flourish.