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  • Japanese Exchange 2017 - In Cambridge with the Stephen Perse teddy II - the prequel!

    Published 08/02/17, by Admin

    The thrilling prequel to our last blog about the journey of the Stephen Perse teddy!

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  • Japanese Exchange 2017 - In Cambridge with the Stephen Perse teddy!

    Published 03/02/17, by Admin

    The amazing adventures of the Stephen Perse teddy continue here in Cambridge, before he joins the exchange trip to Japan next week!

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  • Maths in and for the community

    Published 23/12/16, by Admin

    Year One class got involved with the local park and community creating a few maths games for others to play.

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  • Year One English lessons inspired by the Amazon Rainforest

    Published 07/06/16, by Admin

    English lessons involve all four skills, receptive skills: listening and reading; and productive skills: speaking and writing.

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  • Making room for participation

    Published 15/04/16, by Admin

    'Do' lessons are part of a three lesson cycle project. It is based on a child-initiated learning process where pupils decide what to do and what to learn.

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  • Loose parts play

    Published 23/03/16, by Admin

    In any environment, both degree of inventiveness and creativity, and the possibility of discovery, are directly proportional to the number and kind of variables in it

    Simon Nicholson
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  • The Vision of Learning

    Published 15/03/16, by Admin
    Building on the previous blog post, ‘Learning is not confined inside the walls of a classroom’, this post will talk about the different learning types that are taken into consideration in the Pre-prep School and how these adhere to the Stephen Perse Foundation (SPF) curriculum wheel.
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  • Learning Beyond the Classroom

    Published 08/02/16, by Admin
    Learning is not confined inside the walls of a classroom. The world around us is filled with opportunities to extend our knowledge and thinking skills.
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  • The future of learning with the youngest children

    Published 08/10/15, by Admin
    At the Stephen Perse Foundation we have embraced technology. The way in which we use iPads and technology to enhance and transform the curriculum we provide to students has been internationally noted.
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  • Homework - the lot of school children across the ages

    Published 12/07/15, by Admin
    In the minds of adults typically there is a correlation between the amount of homework set and the progress children are making.
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  • Skills or knowledge? You don't need to ask the question!

    Published 07/07/15, by Admin
    Engagement and content are frequently pitted against each other in the educational media – the battle between content-heavy learning which focusses on the detail of knowledge and the skills-led approach that focusses on the application.
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  • Pre-prep Curriculum

    Published 03/07/15, by Admin
    Can a six year old boy know how he learns? Which skills does a five years old need to use in order to become a better learner? Can a seven years old girl think of which learning character she needs to have to be a good learner? Does she need more than one?
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