Students celebrate 2013's A Level, IB and GCSE results

A Level results, published on 15 August 2013, are the final icing on the cake for the U6 group. Combined with the IB results (highest in the UK), students have a remarkable UCAS tariff average, equivalent to more than A*A*AA in A Level.

GCSEs, published on 22 August 2013, complete the season with record-breaking results.


The best-ever results from the Stephen Perse Foundation cap the most extraordinary year in public examinations.

Our headline GCSE and IGCSE figures are:

  • A* grade: 74% of all entries
  • A* and A grades: 94%
  • A* to B grades: 99%
  • 63% of the year 11 students achieved 9 or more A* grades.
  • 86% of students achieved 9 or more A* or A grades

Tricia Kelleher, Principal, said, “These phenomenal results from the Stephen Perse Foundation reflecting an absolute dedication from students and staff. We are an aspirational school. We believe in our students who are encouraged to engage in the widest possible education. Results are a very important part of this but they are by no means the full picture as everyone who knows us will vouch.”

"It’s the individual achievements behind the headline figures that are most important to us"

International Baccalaureate

The results, published on 6 July 2013, show an average of 42.2 points per student which is the highest average in the UK and confirmed by the IB as the joint-highest in the world. The school was awarded Sunday Times IB School of the Year (for the second time - the first was in 2010).

The IB Diploma was introduced to the school in 2008 and results have risen annually. The UK average is generally around 33 points. Scores of 40 points or more out of the maximum of 45 place students in approximately the top 5.5% of students in the world. The examination was taken by around 120,000 students globally.

Our 2013 cohort enjoyed a relaxing summer, safe in the knowledge that their university destinations are secure. They will be packing their bags to attend a wide range of courses in arts, humanities, science and medicine at leading universities in the UK and abroad or to enjoy gap years.

Tricia Kelleher, Principal, said, "These results reflect an enormous amount of work and dedication from students and staff. The IB is a complete qualification - it equips students not only for the demands of their immediate university courses at world-class institutions, but also for life ahead in our dynamically evolving world. Congratulations to all involved!"

Headline figures are:

  • Average point score 42.2 (out of 45) - up from 39.8 in 2012
  • On the UCAS tariff, this is equivalents to over 4.5 A* grades at A Level.
  • 100% of students achieve their first choice university entry requirements
  • Core point average (theory of knowledge & extended essay): 2.4 out of 3
  • 2 students achieve the maximum 45 points
  • 83% score 40 points or more
  • 69% of Higher Level grades are Level 7 (the top grade)
  • 93% of all grades are Level 6 or 7

One student, with total score of 44, obtains an unusual diploma with 4 Higher Level (HL) subjects, all with Level 7 (as well as 2 Standard Level). The required combination is 3HL and 3SL.

Subject results details can be downloaded here.

University destinations include:

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • Utrecht, Netherlands - liberal arts
  • Cambridge University - English, geography, philosophy
  • Durham University - classics, law
  • University of East Anglia (UEA) - law
  • Oxford University - archaeology and anthropology, geography, history (2)
  • Oxford Brookes University - architecture
  • St Andrew’s University - history, physics
  • University College London (UCL) - geography, medicine

A Level

19% of the A Level students scored 3 or more A* grades and with an A*-B grade average of 96% and 31% of all grades at A*, these results are amongst the strongest in the UK. Even more remarkable when considering this represents only 2/3rds of the year group (the rest taking IB).

A Level students will be joining a wide range of university courses including Arabic & Russian at Cambridge, Biochemistry at Imperial College, Economics at York, Geography at Liverpool, History at Sheffield Medicine at Oxford and Psychology at Cambridge.

Tricia Kelleher, Principal of the Stephen Perse Foundation, commented, “It’s the individual achievements behind the headline figures that are most important to us. Every one of our students has an exciting future ahead of them.”

Headline figures are:

  • 93% of A Level students have achieved ABB or more (the government's benchmark figure related to university admissions). This figure rises to over 95% when including the IB students.
  • 31% of grades were A*
  • 50% of students achieved all grades at A* or A
  • 75% of grades were A*-A
  • 96% of grades were A*-B
  • The average result for the whole year group, in A Level equivalent terms is more than A*A*AA (using the official UCAS tariff).
  • 19% of A Level students scored 3 or more A* grades. This is excluding the world-beating IB results, the qualification taken by a 1/3 of our students.

Subject details are available here

YR11 (11).jpg

Download subjects details of our 2013 results



A Level

The Sunday Times IB school of the Year 2013


The Sunday Times reports on regional results - July 2013


A note about league tables

In 2009, the Stephen Perse Foundation withdrew from the UK school league tables, which don’t reflect fairly the education that we offer and draw unfair comparisons with non-selective schools. They are, to quote our principal, a “flawed beauty parade”.