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Basic German, with a little help

Published on 16/01/14

Using a little technology to make students think just that small step further about what they are doing and to allow them to reflect. This is why a simple app is used here in a German language class for beginners.

This is an example of Year 8 beginners' German work which didn't take long to prepare. A very simple way of practising descriptions in languages is using the iPad app morfo booth.

After introducing the vocabulary for appearances and characteristics, students were asked to work in groups, choose someone famous or someone they know and to prepare a short description in German on this person. The students put a picture of this person from the internet or a camera shot of a friend into morfo booth and record them reading the description.

It is a fun way of getting the students engaged. They enjoy producing these descriptions, playing them in front of each other and during this process they are consolidating the vocabulary and practising their spoken German. Most importantly, the students are thinking carefully about what they are saying because it is being recorded and will be heard, and indeed seen, by their peers.