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Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

At the Stephen Perse Foundation, our mission is to educate and inspire the contributors to tomorrow’s world: intelligent young people with the creativity, compassion, confidence and conviction to question, evaluate and improve society. 

Our Vision

To deliver this mission, our vision is to create and sustain an outstanding educational environment that:

  • Fosters modern scholarship through exceptional teaching and a dynamic, flexible and rigorous academic curriculum.
  • Provides outstanding breadth of opportunity and quality of experience through a rich and varied co-curriculum.
  • Nurtures and celebrates individuality, wellbeing, personal development, and contribution to the growth of others, through superb pastoral care, social and emotional education, and learning support.
  • Champions and models equality, diversity and inclusivity, and social and environmental responsibility with a global outlook.

Our Values

With excellence and creativity in teaching and learning at the core of each of our schools and nurseries, we value the positive difference our students can make in the world through:

  • Scholarship and the advancement of knowledge and understanding
  • Kindness, courtesy, inclusivity and collaboration
  • Diligence, independence and self-reliance
  • Humility, reflectiveness and the pursuit of self improvement
  • Character, individuality, wellbeing and confidence
  • Conserving the environment and living sustainably

"What’s unmeasured in the league tables is the quiet confidence instilled in the pupils here and how the school balances academic expectation with a happy, nurturing environment."

M & J Evans, parents