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  • Textbooks or tech books?

    Published 06/12/17

    Given technology will be integral to the lives of young people, why not harness it in schools to model ways of using powerful devices for learning?

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  • When testing becomes the curriculum

    Published 12/10/17

    Interestingly Amanda Spielman, Chief Inspector of Ofsted, is raising red flags around the narrowing of the curriculum in schools. 

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  • Education is life itself

    Published 23/06/17

    “O tempore o mores” as Jacob Rees-Mogg might say. Or “OMG what on earth is going on?” as other less rarified individuals would say.

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  • Lies, damned lies and critical thinking

    Published 23/03/17

    Knowledge is power. Or is it? It is fair to say that there has been something of an onslaught on the integrity and indeed authority of knowledge in recent times.  

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  • What has creativity ever done for us?

    Published 01/03/17

    As we all know too well, we live in a hard-nosed age where the school curriculum has to deliver value for money.  Within the curriculum, creative subjects can offer low hanging fruit to hard-pressed headteachers looking to balance budgets and to deliver on the government's educational agenda. So the question has to be asked: What has creativity ever done for us? 

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  • Tolerance, understanding and compassion - Jo Cox MP

    Published 13/02/17

    I have been employed in education as a teacher and latterly a leader for over thirty years. Given my subject is History, I have always been cautious about engaging in politics. Far be it for me to expound my views to young people on how they should live their lives.

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  • Teenage mental health is more than a political soundbite

    Published 10/01/17

    Principal of the Stephen Perse Foundation, Tricia Kelleher, has championed Prime Minister Theresa May's decision to focus mental health reforms on young people - but while teachers can recognise a student's need for help, CAMHS needs more funding so they can help. 

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  • Teachers, your country needs you!

    Published 15/12/16

    Principal, Tricia Kelleher, discusses the current teacher shortage and how critical our teachers are for our young people.

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  • Brexit and the younger generation ​​​​​​​

    Published 15/12/16

    Tricia Kelleher, Principal of the Stephen Perse Foundation, discusses Brexit and how this could impact our younger generations.

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  • Educating our young people as global citizens in an uncertain world

    Published 09/11/16

    Our Principal, Tricia Kelleher, discusses the new President-elect, Donald Trump, and what this means for our young people.

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  • Love thy neighbour – education and immigration

    Published 06/10/16

    Tricia Kelleher, Principal of the Stephen Perse Foundation reflects on the recent HMC independent school leaders conference and the debate it raised.

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  • The real ticking time bomb in our schools

    Published 09/09/16

    So where have all the teachers gone? The existential crisis of our times in education is in teacher recruitment and retention. Just as we have lost the familiar conveyor belt of teacher recruits with university education faculties across the country face the challenge of funding PGCE places and Teach First grappling with high drop out rates, there also is the growing disaffection of serving teachers. A report from the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) has found that 23% of teachers are considering quitting teaching compared with just 17% last year with workload identified as a key reason for the increase. It is fair to say that Headteachers across the country are despairing about maintaining staffing levels in their schools.

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  • Testing times for young people's well-being

    Published 03/05/16

    Tricia Kelleher, Principal of the Stephen Perse Foundation, discusses assessment and how this can impact our young people.

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  • What price academic equity? ​​​​​​​

    Published 02/02/16

    Tricia Kelleher, Principal of the Stephen Perse Foundation discussed Admissions Testing and how it will affect young people.

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  • So what about the pedagogy?

    Published 18/01/16

    Tricia Kelleher, Principal at the Stephen Perse Foundation looks at the use of digital technology and its use in education.

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  • “Driving Up Standards” ? What About Well-being

    Published 12/11/15

    Tricia Kelleher, Principal at the Stephen Perse Foundation, looks at the government's agenda to drive up standards and ask, at what cost to young people's well-being?

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  • Tough on education, tough on the causes of education – Mrs Morgan’s legacy

    Published 03/11/15

    Tricia Kelleher, Principal at the Stephen Perse Foundation, looks at Nicky Morgan and the legacy she will leave.

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  • Homework in a Digital Age

    Published 10/07/15

    Tricia Kelleher, Principal at the Stephen Perse Foundation, looks at how homework has changed in the digital age.

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