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Read posts from our pupils and teachers to find out a bit more about what life is like at a Stephen Perse Foundation school.

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  • An inspiring day of Classics lectures

    Published 22/02/18

    Our Year 11 and L6 students travelled to London for an engrossing day of talks and lectures designed to enrich their Classics learning experience. Read the thoughts of two of our students below.

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  • Japanese exchange - Day 1 and 2

    Published 13/02/18

    Japanese exchange 2018

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  • Walking in the footsteps of rebels...

    Published 15/12/17

    6th Form students take a historic walking tour on a wintry day.

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  • Art meets science through the Protein Data Bank

    Published 13/12/17

    6th Form student sees her artwork selected for the PDBe's 2018 calendar

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  • The Bard in Italy - Y11-13 trip, October 2017

    Published 17/11/17

    In the extremely early hours of Thursday 19 October, 38 intrepid students set off for Italy accompanied by four members of staff from the Visual Arts, English, Drama, and Modern Foreign Language departments.

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  • Equestrian success at the NSEA Championships

    Published 01/11/17

    Congratulations are in order for Anna and Casper at the NSEA Championships.

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  • Writing with The Guardian

    Published 20/10/17

    The Guardian Newspaper Day on 17th October saw students step into a journalist's shoes.

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  • Can We All Be #GIRLBOSS[es]?

    Published 28/03/17

    Book review : #GIRLBOSS

    by Cynthia Chiu

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  • Whiskers, Tails and Everything Nice. 

    Published 07/03/17

    Whiskers, Tails and Everything Nice. 

    Raise the curtains, let’s reveal what goes on behind the glamourous ‘Cats’ production at the Senior School.

    Cynthia Chiu

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  • Japanese Exchange 2017 - In Cambridge with Teddy!

    Published 03/02/17

    The amazing adventures of the Stephen Perse teddy continue here in Cambridge, before he joins the exchange trip to Japan next week!

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  • Year One English lessons inspired by the Amazon Rainforest

    Published 07/06/16

    English lessons involve all four skills, receptive skills: listening and reading; and productive skills: speaking and writing.

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  • Homework - the lot of school children across the ages

    Published 12/07/15

    In the minds of adults typically there is a correlation between the amount of homework set and the progress children are making.

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  • A teacher with his head in the Cloud

    Published 04/03/15
    Having your 'head in the clouds' is not normally regarded as conducive to either studying or teaching. However, within the digital classroom it is the opposite - having not only yours but also the heads of your colleagues and students with you 'in the cloud' i.e. (the cloud service) can be a highly effective means of facilitating learning and the delivery of teaching material.
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  • The future of practical work in Science

    Published 04/03/15
    Practical work is the central component of science on which most of the learning is pinned. It is what sets us apart from many other subjects.
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  • 5 Tips for writing your own iBooks Textbook

    Published 09/02/15
    The Stephen Perse Foundation made 12 iBooks Textbooks available in January 2015 which follow the Cambridge International Examinations IGCSE Biology course. I wrote these in collaboration with our digital curator, Aisling Brown.
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  • Publishing free iBooks

    Published 19/01/15

    Will schools in the future be publishing houses? On the face of it this assertion is preposterous. Publishing in its traditional form is potentially a huge undertaking with a myriad of issues involved in the publication of a book.

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  • Enhancing learning in Science

    Published 14/01/15

    Hands-on practical work has a huge part to play in stimulating both enjoyment and understanding in the learning of science - for a Year 7 student, growing a high quality copper sulphate crystal for themselves can be every bit as amazing as watching a whizzy hi-tech demonstration.

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  • Engagement in Science

    Published 08/01/15
    Our starting point is that science and its applications are innately exciting - but there is no escaping the fact that there can be a great deal of quite complicated concepts that need to be dealt with in a rigorous way before understanding can properly develop.
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