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Could cleaning your room help you concentrate?

Published on 14/01/19

Many of us remember being told to clean our rooms when we were children. Yet that favourite of parents everywhere, “Tidy room, tidy mind”,  might be a saying with a grain of truth to it.

Studies have shown that cleaning is actually good for you. The very act of cleaning is beneficial, but that’s not all - a better organised space can make a world of difference to your studies. Creating a study friendly haven at home is a must for improving those revision or homework sessions.

Here we take a look at the latest research to uncover the benefits of keeping a clean, tidy and well-organised room.

The productivity boosting benefits of regular cleaning

There are a wide range of routes you can take to facilitate better concentration – we recently covered five steps which may help. Alongside brain training and music, the space in which you work and live can have a major impact on your productivity. The blogger behind My Life in Chicago recently explored the concentration and productivity-boosting benefits of a clean environment:

“I noticed on my own that significantly reducing clutter around me helps a great deal with concentration and productivity. I don’t know exactly how that happens, but, according to some articles I read online, there are even studies carried on by researchers showing that learning new things and focusing is truly hindered in unclean places. A desk or a working table may not be necessarily dirty, but, if it is too cluttered, it just hampers your mind from focusing on what you need to do.”

A clean room doesn’t just mean less clutter. The air quality of a space is significantly improved with regular cleaning. In addition to triggering a variety of health issues (asthma and allergies being just two of the conditions exacerbated by a higher level of allergens and poor ventilation), poor air quality impacts a student’s ability to perform. Poor air quality in the classroom has even been linked to increased student absenteeism, whilst staff productivity and retention have also been impacted negatively.

Keeping your room clean and well-organised

With the right advice, keeping your room clean doesn’t have to be a painful chore. There are several easy tips you can embrace to make a clean, tidy and well-organised room an achievable goal. Cutting the clutter is an excellent place to begin, a fact that makes increasing the storage solutions available throughout your space important. Conducting a regular purge of your environment, and not just waiting until spring arrives to undertake one big sort out, will keep clutter to a minimum.

Setting a few ground rules on the cleanliness front is another must. No clothes on the floor is a popular one, and will offer large rewards for little effort. Make keeping your room tidy a part of your daily routine, starting every morning by making your bed. Spending just two minutes making the bed will instantly improve and motivate you to take the next step on your journey to better cleanliness.

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