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  • Could cleaning your room help you concentrate?

    Published 14/01/19

    Many of us remember being told to clean our rooms when we were children. Yet that favourite of parents everywhere, “Tidy room, tidy mind”,  might be a saying with a grain of truth to it.

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  • The pros and cons of the school uniform

    Published 31/12/18

    The school uniform market is big business in the UK. A recent summary report estimated the sector to be worth £450 million annually. There may be no legislation regarding the use of school uniforms in primary and secondary education, but the vast majority of UK schools choose to enforce uniform policies on their pupils. This has made the school uniform an integral part of British culture. In the United States, schools take a much more relaxed approach, with uniforms in public schools virtually unheard of.

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  • Does skipping breakfast really affect learning

    Published 24/12/18

    People often underestimate the profound effect of skipping breakfast, especially its impact on our learning abilities. Eating breakfast provides the vital sustenance you need to not only function in the morning but for the rest of the day. Breakfast has also been proven to influence behaviour and academic performance, two areas that are integral to progression in any educational setting.

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  • 5 Alternative Study Methods That Really Work

    Published 05/11/18

    Studying doesn’t have to be boring. Even if you’re learning a core theory for an important exam, you should try to make it fun. Procrastination is a huge problem for students at all stages, but with these alternative study methods you can flip the way you learn on its head, reignite your passion for a particular subject, and even retain information at a quicker rate.

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  • Stepping up: Tips to take you from Year 12 to 13

    Published 04/06/18

    Progressing from Year 12 to Year 13 is just as much of a step up as going from secondary school to sixth form college. Students face increasing pressure to study and perform in exams. There are also dilemmas over selecting which subject to drop, and composing the all-important personal statements as part of university applications.

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  • How could a Liberal Arts degree benefit you?

    Published 01/05/18

    Dr Rosa Andujar provided an intriguing insight into the world of Liberal Arts, a degree choice increasing in popularity in the past five years in the UK.

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  • Peace and safety for all - Bessie meets Klara

    Published 01/05/18

    We learn more about what we can do to help support the UN's Global Goal #16 when Bessie the traveling bear meets 6th Form student and CamMUN leader Klara Spark.

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  • Should pain relief be a human right?

    Published 30/04/18

    Dr Rajesh Munglani fascinated Stephen Perse students, staff and parents alike when he gave a talk about the ethics of pain management and pain relief.

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  • Autism talk and Q&A with Professor Simon Baron-Cohen

    Published 26/04/18

    Leading autism expert Simon Baron-Cohen talks to the Stephen Perse Foundation about his latest research.

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  • Essay Writing Advice For Sixth Formers

    Published 09/04/18

    Essay writing is an essential skill needed to prosper on a number of A Level courses. Unfortunately, it’s a skill that many students struggle to master. Honing your essay writing abilities will have benefits beyond sixth form and into university.

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  • A new take on 'Carmen' - 6th Form impressions

    Published 12/03/18

    6th Form students enjoy a unique live performance of Bizet's Carmen

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  • Do people still go to the library?

    Published 12/03/18

    Cambridge is home to a number of amazing libraries, Cambridge University Library being one of them. Unfortunately, modern day libraries are underappreciated by many. There are many reasons to visit your local library. Modern libraries are much more than books and quiet reading. As well as giving you access to countless books, videos and other materials for free, libraries are community hubs. From book clubs and literary discussions to celebrations marking national holidays and appearances by lecturers, poets, novelists and other experts, even the smallest library hosts an array of exciting local events.

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  • French play 'ART' review

    Published 07/03/18

    SPF staff and students share their thoughts having watched French comedy 'ART'

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  • An inspiring day of Classics lectures

    Published 22/02/18

    Our Year 11 and L6 students travelled to London for an engrossing day of talks and lectures designed to enrich their Classics learning experience. Read the thoughts of two of our students below.

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  • The benefits of volunteering

    Published 19/02/18

    With Student Volunteering Week approaching –  Monday 19th February 2018 – we thought we’d take a closer look at the power of volunteering. Volunteering after all unlocks a number of opportunities not just for the organisations and individuals being helped but the people participating.

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  • Field trips: learning outside the classroom

    Published 22/01/18

    Participating in field trips is a great way to enjoy a unique learning experience outside a classroom environment. Field trips are not only good fun, they allow students to absorb, interact and immerse themselves in a practical way.

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  • Walking in the footsteps of rebels...

    Published 15/12/17

    6th Form students take a historic walking tour on a wintry day.

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  • Art meets science through the Protein Data Bank

    Published 13/12/17

    6th Form student sees her artwork selected for the PDBe's 2018 calendar

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