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Published on 10/01/14

French Year 9. Presentation on “Un plat que j’aime preparer”
Here is a nice example of a productive task using the Puppet Pals app on the iPad. Our students are very creative and the iPad is one of the tools they like to use to express themselves and engage with their learning. In this case the teacher did not specify which app the students should use to make the presentation, so there was a range of formats employed, from Keynote to iMovie and more. The choice of Puppet Pals was a good one because it allowed the student to add her voice as well as manipulate some simple images. The result is very simple, clear and enjoyable to watch and satisfies the two key requirements of the task – to use present tense verbs in the ‘je’ form, and a range of vocabulary relating to cooking and food.

The advantages of using this format for the student are clear – the presentation is easy to store, share, and add to, and there is an obvious sense of challenge and fun. This student has, in a short space of time, become very proficient at making presentations like these, and her digital portfolio will be a valuable resource when she comes to revise in the future.