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Learning Beyond the Classroom

Published on 08/02/16

Learning is not confined inside the walls of a classroom. The world around us is filled with opportunities to extend our knowledge and thinking skills.

 As adults we require the ability to adapt to different environments and social situations. Preparing children academically and socially for this future is fundamental in the teaching in the Pre Prep.

By taking their learning into different environments children are taught a variety of life skills: how to contextualise prior learning; respond appropriately to new environments and experiences; interact professionally with people of different occupations, and gain inspiration and motivation for further learning, are but a few of such life long learning skills.





Key Stage 1 children have been putting these skills into practice in a number of ways. 3D shapes have been discovered in classrooms and playgrounds; miniature houses have been built up and burnt down at Latham Road in a Great Fire of London reenactment; and the views from the windows on the top floor of John Lewis retail have been closely observed and admired in preparation for poetry writing. That's a busy week!
It is clear that learning is not just in the classroom but in all of the community and extends beyond our classroom walls.

A lot of careful thought, planning and preparation is put into each activity to ensure pupils gain as much as possible from the experience whilst being safe and supported. The benefits of this are easy to see in the enjoyment and enthusiasm shown on children's faces! The learning and outcomes of these real life, hands on experiences in the community are key to the success of skill development for Pre-prep learners.