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Inspire Me event - Jan Monterfiore will talk to English students

Published on 06/03/17

Professor Jan Montefiore will be giving a lunchtime talk on Friday 10th March to all L6 students of English ( A Level, SL and HL English). 

She is currently Professor of 20th Century English Literature at Kent University. Her career as an academic has been long and distinguished - and her areas of expertise include Rudyard Kipling and gender studies (with a particular interest in feminism and poetry in post-war Britain).  

Amongst other things, Jan will be talking about her experiences as a young female academic in a predominantly male world; she will also be talking about her school days as a student at Perse Girls in the late 1950s and early 1960s!

Professor Montefiore will talk for 20 minutes or so and then is keen to answer any questions you might have - and your teachers will speak to you in more detail about this in your lessons.

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