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Spring Sporting Round Up

Published on 31/03/17

Within any sporting season there will always be highs and lows to experience together. This term has produced a wealth of highlights and it is great to reflect on a few of them.

Netball in the Junior School continues to go from strength to strength. The results speak for themselves and the sheer number of goals scored is a good indicator of the quality of play that we have witnessed this term. Each squad has thoroughly applied themselves to improving their basic skills as well as knitting together set plays as a team.

The Under 11’s were crowned champions at the St Faith’s invitational tournament and had very high hopes for the IAPS regional tournament. They played very well to finish second in their group, winning seven times and only losing once, which left them in the play-off positions for the National Finals. Tournament netball does not always go your way and on this occasion they narrowly lost 3-4 to Warwick Prep. The whole year group have produced some outstanding results and on more than one occasion the A, B and C teams have all been victorious at the same time in a block fixture. Congratulations to the U11 B team who have gone unbeaten all term!

The Under 10’s and Under 9’s are also showing a great deal of potential at a more local level. The style of netball on show has been very impressive and the results have looked after themselves. We hosted an inaugural U10 invitational netball tournament and it was very pleasing that our Under 10’s returned with the trophy. The U9’s were not to be overshadowed and the A team completed an undefeated season, thanks largely to a fantastic equaliser in the last minute against the Perse Prep.

This term the boys have been working tremendously hard on the hockey pitch. There has been a marked improvement in ball pace and playing with height and width, as well as an introduction to some more exciting elimination techniques and some 3D skills.

The U9’s have held their own in fixtures locally and are now demonstrating that they understand the importance of keeping possession and letting the ball do the work. These principles have enabled them to create chances on goal and in time will produce some very good results. The U10 boys are also beginning to flourish as a year group. The A and B squad have pushed each other hard for positions and team places and this has created a very healthy training atmosphere. A number of students who joined the school in September had never played hockey before and they have done extremely well to play such composed hockey in school fixtures. As a squad they have proved that they are ready for a much fuller and wide reaching set of hockey fixtures in Year 6 next year.

Boys' Results

Opposition Result Score Player of the Match
Sancton Wood Won 4-0 Sammy I (hat trick hero)
St Edmund's Won 2-0 Harry L (great work on the right hand side)
St John's  Lost 0-3 Ollie J (solid work when clearing the ball
Sancton Wood Won 5-0 Ollie J (never stopped running on the flank)
St John's Lost 0-2 Alexander L (fantastic body position)
St Edmund's Won 1-0 Ben M (top ball pace)
King's College Lost 0-5 Jaylan W (great acceleration to go round the left back)
St Faith's C Won 4-0 Pi C (goal machine)
St John's Lost  0-1 Aaran B (very agile in goal)
St Faith's D Lost 0-1 Nick G (calm at the back and great distribution)

Girls' Results - U11s

Team Opposition Result Score Player of the Match
U11A St Faith's Won 11-7 Eva C (ability to change tactics halfway through the match)
U11A Dame B's Lost 14-15 Mabel S (trying different things and outwitting her opponent)
U11A  St Faith's Tour Champions W-7, L-0 Florence B (unplayable for the opposition)
U11A  IAPS R/U in Group W-7, L-2 Sorcha B (captained and shot brilliantly despute the tricky conditions).
U11A Bedford Lost 11-13 Alexandra C (good and aggressive movement in the circle)
U11A Perse Prep Won 22-11 Julia L (great decision making throughout)
U11A St Mary's Won 15-3 Sirisha G (fed the circule with timing and poise)
U11A St John's Won 23-14 Alexandra C (kept the scoreboard ticking when it counted)
U11B St Faith's Won 10-4 Anabel K (speed throughout the court)
U11B Dame B's Won 13-3 Aknur M (dynamic movement in the circle and accurate shooting)
U11B Bedford Drew 6-6 Catherine B (good marking and defensive awareness)
U11B Perse Prep Won 10-5 Sadie H (dominating the circle)
U11B St Mary's Won 13-4 Lara C (clear and precise movement down the court)
U11B St John's Won 16-0 Aknur M (intelligent movement and composed shooting)
U11C St Faith's Drew 3-3 Nandana (restricting the attackers to shooting from outside the core)
U11C Bedford Lost 1-14 Haniya K (solid defending)
U11C Perse Prep Won 6-0 Ava M (feeding the circle with poise and precision)
U11C St John's Won 12-1 Della P (great eye for goal)

Girls' Results - U10

Team Opposition Result Score Player of the Match
U10A St John's Won 15-1 Ana H (using her three seconds wisely and not rushing the pass)
U10A St Mary's Won 10-2 Sophie O (very accurate shooting)
U10A King's College Won 11-1 Juliette G (showing versatility to play in a number of positions)
U10A Bedford Won 7-1 Haruka N (great interceptions in windy conditions)
U10A St Faith's Lost 6-7 Orla S (fought hard in a tight match)
U10A SPF Tournament Champions W-5 L-0

Haruka N (great leadership)

U10A Perse Prep Won 20-8 Molly C (incredibly accurate shooting from GA)
U10B St John's Won 4-0 Jess H (good decision making from GK)
U10B St Mary's Lost 0-2 Magdalene S (very quick feet, losing her defender consistently with ease)
U10B King's College Won 8-0 Sophie R (scored a lot of goals)
U10B Bedford Won 2-1 Millie W (good spatial awareness and distribution)
U10B St Faith's Won 18-10 Sophie O (very accurate shooting)
U10B Perse Prep Won 7-5 Indy W (consistently outwitting her opponent)
U10C Bedford Lost 2-5 Sophia C (good centre court movement)
U10C St Faith's Won 4-1 Magdalene S (dynamic and determined)
U10C Perse Prep Won 3-2 Smera S (outstanding performance from GA)

Girls' Results - U9

Team Opposition Result Score Player of the Match
U9A Perse Prep Drew 3-3 Eva F (great interceptions)
U9A St Mary's Won 15-1 Verity V (much improved footwork)
U9A St Faith's Won 9-1 Gaige L (confident shooting)
U9B Perse Prep Won 4-3 Emily W (determination to keep possession of the ball)
U9B St Faith's Lost 2-4 Ashani T (great hands playing at GK)