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Key Stage 1 puts on a gymnastics showcase

Published on 07/04/17

Our KS1 children launched themselves Up in the Air over the past two weeks as it was their turn to showcase their gymnastics to parents in the hall.

Parents were treated to a range of floor and apparatus work where the children showed good strength, body tension, control and variety.

Seeing the children work in unison to collaborate, remember and stay together shows how hard they have worked in their gymnastics lessons over the Year so far.

The City parents were treated to a 'manual handling' display also with '1...2...3...lift and 1...2...3...down' as the children prepared the equipment.

There was a combination of jumps, travels, rolls and balance with a little rhythmic gymnastics to the Lion King too. All of our KS1 gymnasts did a great job and maybe one day we will see them on a larger stage showing their talents.