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Girls in Science at OBH

Published on 16/11/16

A total of 11 different schools across East Anglia enjoyed an inspiring day of Science, Technology and Maths challenges hosted by OBH School. The day challenged the teams to use logical thinking, problem solving, accuracy and their knowledge of the STEM subjects to complete a variety of challenging tasks.

There was a chemical challenge investigating which fruit juice would contain the highest level of Vitamin C; during this time the children investigated how to make toothpaste for elephants! The Maths Challenge, tested the children’s logic, spatial awareness and teamwork. The puzzles and activities made the children use their brain in a different way to solve problems and to use the power of teamwork to help arrive at an answer. The DT challenge made the teams work together to build a weight bearing bridge out of marshmallows. Spaghetti and linguini - the greatest challenge was resisting the temptation of eating the marshmallows before their design was created. The fourth challenge was a physics based challenge. Thinking about the effect of wind, ensuring that a well designed land yacht could be propelled across a table. It was interesting to see how the teams performed well in some rounds and not so well in others. It was pleasing to come home victors on the day. Team one won the design challenge and showed great consistency during all tasks which helped them to bring home the silverware!

A very well done to all of the girls that took part.