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Hearing tales of the coldest place on Earth at a visit to the Scott Polar Museum

Published on 11/04/17

Imagine what it was like to be on an expedition to Antarctic; imagine what it was like to endure the conditions of the coldest place on Earth.

Year 3 were enthralled by tales of Antarctic exploration when we visited the Scott Polar Museum in Cambridge. The bravery and endurance of early pioneers was brought home to us as we hunted around the displays to find out how the Edwardian explorers travelled and survived in the coldest place on earth. They had a few creature comforts but they did take a full sized barrel organ!

Two brave Year 3 volunteers dressed in modern polar clothing and felt very hot just wearing half the layers.

Finally, we were entertained by the story of three men on Captain Scott's first expedition who travelled for six weeks to bring back some penguin eggs.

The visit increased the children's knowledge enormously, but also showed us just how much - and how enthusiastically - they have learnt in their thematic topic 'Pole to Pole'.