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Go Wild! Year 5 Collaborative Project Day

Published on 18/10/17

Thursday 5 October began with blustery winds and heavy downpours. However, by the time Year 5 pupils from the Junior School and Dame Bradbury's met at Latham Road for their collaborative day, it was sunshine and blue skies.

With the theme of 'Go Wild', the pupils quickly got into the spirit of the Great Outdoors. Old friendships were rekindled and new ones formed as the children gathered around a welcoming fire to sing some campfire songs.



Tracy Grant, from the Exploration Society, kindly donated her time and skill to manage the fire and demonstrate how to safely toast (and eat!) marshmallows. Despite sticky fingers, they worked creatively together in small groups to create artwork using natural materials foraged from their surroundings. Within no time pine cones, sticks, leaves and grass were transformed into ladybirds, dragonflies and other insects.

Exploring the Nature Reserve allowed the children to learn more about this beautiful part of the Foundation. Everyone also enjoyed playing team building games, testing their skills of resilience, co-operation and even a little humility when the declaration, “We’ll win because we’re an all boys’ team,” was challenged by the winning - mixed - team!

After a brisk march over to the Senior School, hungry pupils were rewarded with a delicious hot lunch and the highlight of clearing lunch trays onto the conveyor belt at the end of the meal! We were then treated to a tour of the Senior School site and a great view of the new sports hall. Finally, Mr Keeble welcomed us into the Visual Arts Centre where we were able to watch some Art lessons in progress. It was exciting to see how Senior School pupils work with digital media, textiles and fine art. We even saw a few familiar faces as siblings spotted each other in the classrooms.

The impact of the day was summed up by one pupil’s comment:

“I can’t wait to come to this school. I want to be a student here now!”

In the meantime, as friendships continue to blossom across the Junior School and Dame Bradbury’s, there is much for our Year 5 pupils to look forward to in becoming classmates together in Year 7.