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Drawing local Victorian buildings

Published on 17/05/18

Year 1 explore local History and Geography 

As part of the ‘Once Upon a Time’ theme, Year 1 enjoyed exploring local History and Geography on their school doorstep. Using Cambridge as our campus, the children photographed and sketched the external features of Alfred Waterhouse’s Victorian Red Buildings at Pembroke College.

They used their ‘binoculars’ thinking tool to identify and capture the arched windows, towers and chimneys.  The children  were very surprised to see dragons protruding from the building! Back in the classroom, this prompted the children to whip out their ‘microphone’  thinking tools to find out why buildings had gargoyles. Do you know why? Was it to scare off evil or to divert rainwater - or both?!

Pembroke College

Pembroke College

Pembroke drawing