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Eco Team analyse the rubbish at Dame B's

Published on 19/03/19

Dame Bradbury's Eco Team have been exploring how much waste is produced at Dame Bradbury's by conducting a 'waste audit'

The Eco Team at Dame Bradbury’s have been working with Uttlesford District Council, investigating how we can be smarter with our recycling. The team recently arranged to collect all of the rubbish across the school that had been placed in non-recycling bins.

They then took on the arduous task of sifting through the waste, suitably attired with appropriate yellow gloves, to see what, if anything, could actually have been recycled. They then weighed each piece of waste produced and sorted it into different categories, including paper, cardboard, plastics, metal, glass and food.

Eco Team

Our Eco Team can now tell how much waste each class, or year group, created on one day, and can use this as a baseline measurement for future ‘waste audits’.  Going forward, the Eco Team hope to introduce a competitive element to our recycling so that classes or year groups can be named as recycling champions across the school.

Thanks to Mrs Lockwood at Uttlesford District Council for supporting the initiative and to the Eco Team for being such enthusiastic rubbish collectors!

Eco Team

Eco Team

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