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A Kennings Poem by Year 2

Published on 10/06/19

Year 2 have been getting creative with their use of words.

If you want to know what a 'kenning' is ask any member of our year! 2M only took 15 minutes to make a complete poem using the strict 'kenning' rules and it describes the sea beautifully. You can close your eyes and imagine all the action within the smallest of seas.


The Sea - Kenning Poem by 2M

sand - soaker

fish - traveller

wave - splasher

splatter- sprayer

beach - crawler

wave - thrasher

pebble - puller

fast - swimmer

sandcastle - ruiner

rock - eater

rock - raider

bird - trapper

water eel - carrier

crab - scarier

rock - raider

foam - maker

seaweed - catcher

plankton - eater

shell - carrier

ship - mover

home - maker

ship - wrecker