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Year 3 Collaboration Day

Published on 16/10/19

Excitement levels were high on Tuesday 1st October as the Year 3 pupils from both Rosedale House and Dame Bradbury’s embarked on a tropical trip to the Amazon Rainforest.

A series of activities followed which were designed to encourage the pupils to use their critical and creative thinking skills. We even explored the complexities of the food web through a game where predators had to catch their specific food source in order to survive whilst burning off some energy down at Latham Road. 

In the afternoon, a trading challenge was launched as our future engineers designed, made and tested a model system that could transport melons across the Amazon River. This solution-based task got the children thinking about how their ideas could end poverty and improve the living conditions of the people living in this unique environment. When the time came to test out whether the melons could be securely transported, or not, a mixture of sighs and squeals of delight could be heard as the goods either safely arrived or were snapped up by the caiman in the waters below. Whatever the result there was no doubt that the children had experienced a wonderful day, full of activities to think through problems and form new friendships.