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Kindergarten pupils come together to celebrate Diwali Day

Published on 01/11/19

On 30 October, Kindergarten pupils across the Foundation joined together at Madingley for a Diwali Day collaboration event and fun activities to increase awareness of the Hindu Festival of Light, covered all areas of learning.

Children enjoyed making the clay diva lamps and paper lanterns with one children commenting, "I
liked the lanterns, that was my best thing ever!". Diwali sweet making was a sticky and tasty activity enjoyed by most which involved mixing ingredients in a large bowl and then rolling the mixture into a ball. For some, a favourite activity was building an Indian temple outdoors with loose parts, using images of real, impressive Indian temples as a stimulus.

Sensory spice paintings made the Kindergarten classroom smell invitingly spicy with children being encouraged to use their senses to explore different scents, with ginger being one of the favourites. Conversation about the different spicy colours and textures led to children making choices about the ones they wanted to use and they sprinkled on seed spices like glitter. Happy Diwali!