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Remembrance: Lest we forget

Published on 11/11/19

By Ellis

We wear poppies to remember

To remember what our soldiers went through

We would not be standing here

Remembering what they did

Trying to imagine the unimaginable

If it were not for them

Our ancestors

Herbert Ernest Stokes sent to France 

Evacuated after the Battle of Dunkirk

Joan Mary Stokes worked in a factory 

Doing the work of the men who went to fight 

William Albert Edmonds part of the “desert rats”

Defeated Germans in a desert in South Africa

Saved his brother who got captured in Italy

Kathleen Edmonds worked in a factory 

Making uniforms for the soldiers

My Great Grandparents 

They survived unlike many others

The war may have ended

But it would have continued in their minds

We need help to remember

They needed help to forget

The things they did for our freedom

Lest we forget.