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What is conflict?

Published on 10/01/20

By Yush

Our Year 6 topic has been sticks and stones, has been around conflict and we have been learning about this theme not just in our English lessons but also in our humanities lessons. 

Firstly we learnt about what conflict is and what is bad about conflicts. In our English lessons, we learnt about the World War and what was life in the wars.  We visited the American Cemetery where we learnt about soldiers who lost their lives in the World War. We also read some books such as ‘War Game and Billy the Kid’, which was a sad but interesting story about the World War. In our humanities lessons we learnt about wars that are taking place outside the United Kingdom. For example, we learnt about the war in Syria, where people are having a hard time as they are having to leave their own country and are having to go and live somewhere else. It is really sad, especially if they have a child as it can be hard for the child to leave their own comfortable home but they don’t have any choice because their lives are at risk if they do not leave. We also learnt about war poetry and particularly focused on British war poet Wilfred Owen as he was known for his war poetry and his most famous poem, Dulce et decorum est, Pro patria Mori.  We tried to make our own War poetry too and the ones I heard were very good. Over all on our topic, we have focused on conflict and some of it was quite sad to hear like people who have died in the war but we have learnt something very interesting and I have really enjoyed this topic.