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United Nations

Published on 21/01/20

By Emily

Have you ever wondered how the world doesn't break into another world War? What the country does to help make the world a better place? Well, the answer is simple. Nearly all the countries joined the UN (United Nations) to help bring the world together. This means some representatives from our country decided to become a member of this amazing society to work toward peace and justice and equality for everyone.

The United Nations was established after WW2 to prevent any conflicts that people might not have thought would happen. Any members cannot start a war and will not kill anybody. In fact, they send out volunteers to help stop wars and help anybody injured. The UN are a democracy and anything they need to decide, they vote for. All of the nations involved have a completely fair and equal say. We can help them by forming or joining local groups. This is essential for your local government representatives. The United Nations hosting country is in America, New York. They call this HQ.

 The sustainable development goals (SDG) were made to help all the people of the world but mostly to the less fortunate people who haven't had the same opportunities as us. This includes, but is not limited to: people in poverty, refugees and people with unequal rights. They work together to reduce environmental issues, right unfairness and creating a good world.

Goal sixteen is just one example of the SDG’S. It has lots of things to unpack, though. This includes: making your voice heard, voting, stopping violence against men and women, valuing thoughts and beliefs, peaceful environment and anti-violence. However the main three points are peace justice and strong institutions. Many children have abusive parents or guardian. Can you imagine being scared of your own parents? War and conflicts happen often but aren't the main cause of death.

What we learn in class is vital and will impact the way we feel about the sustainable development goals. We believe that if we change the way we think we will help in the future. You might be thinking, “but they're just kids. They can't help with such important issues” Well, I see it differently. We are young, yes, but we can help. The UN goal is to achieve all these goals, not just number 16, by 2030. That is in ten years. By then, who knows what could happen. Take Greta Thunberg. She is young. She has already had an impact. We don't just learn about it. We need it to change the near future, and we will. What we have been learning about from conflicts and wars to causes and effects are all linked to this important goal.

We can all help achieve goal 16 because it is easy to do! We need to join local groups because then our local government will be able to arrange more rally’s, protests and anything else because England is a democracy. Peace and justice are easy too. If you are peaceful, everyone will be peaceful and just. There are many chunks of goal 16, but they are all very easy to achieve.