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Year 1 meet charity workers, barristers and Army lieutenants for their new topic 'People who help us'

Published on 29/01/20

As part of the Year 1 topic: ‘People who help us’, we have had some wonderful volunteers
come into school to talk to the children

 We have been inspired by the jobs and roles that Barristers, Lieutenants of the army and Jaco, who works for a charity called Lovingbygiving,  does to serve and help our community and others around the world too. 

“I learnt that when there is a flood the army people help others by filling sandbags for the
doors and windows. They also use helicopters to rescue people who have been caught in
the floods.”- Oliver

“We can help others in different countries that don't have clean water and beds. “- Marta

“A barrister keeps things fair and goes to court. They help people sort out problems.” -Theo

We look forward to a few more visitors in the coming weeks and learning about how they
help others in the jobs they do each day.