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Year 12 learn about road safety in workshop by Cambridgeshire Police

Published on 07/02/20

This week our Year 12s had a visit from Cambridgeshire Police who came in to hold a workshop on road safety. 

They started by getting the group to brainstorm ideas of what factors could cause injury or distraction in a car. The group were quick to identify phones, passengers and fatigue as distractions whilst driving. They also identified the speed of the car, weather conditions, other road users and if you are wearing a seatbelt as factors that can effect how road collisions occur and the severity of them. 

The group then moved outside to look at a car that had been in a real road collision. 

The police officers drew attention to the cracked glass on the windscreen, where the passenger hit their head as a result of not wearing a seatbelt to highlight the importance of wearing one. In addition to this, the officers dispelled the myth that you don't need to wear a seatbelt if you have airbags, as they can often cause serious damage to you if you're not wearing a seatbelt when it is triggered.

The team encouraged the Year 12s to complete safety awareness modules on to further their knowledge on being road safe.

With Sixth Formers beginning to learn to drive, the workshop was at an opportune time to make them think more about keeping themselves and others safe on the road.


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