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Poetry: Not Everybody...

Published on 28/04/20

By Dasha

I see a shadow on the wall,

With pointy ears and long claws,

The black creature stands tall,

I love my black ball of fluff,

My cat loves me too,


Not everybody likes cats,

Or any animals,

Some like dogs,

Or snakes,

I like cats,


Not everybody likes to sleep,

Some can't wait for the morning,

Some are afraid of sleep,

That they might not wake,

I like to sleep, 


Not everybody likes to stay in their pajamas,

Some get changed straight away,

Some don't even have pajamas,

I like my pajamas.


Not everybody likes to read,

Some play games instead,

Some find it distracting,

I like to read.


Not everybody likes to clean,

Some like dirty and messy things,

Some just don't care,

I like to clean and organize.


Not everybody enjoys their life,

Some wish they were dead,

Some waste their life,

I couldn't be happier with mine.