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Inspire and Guide speakers continue to share their stories through virtual sessions

Published on 20/11/20

An important part of our Inspire and Guide curriculum for years 10 and 11 is to hear from speakers from varying career paths to share their fascinating careers and life stories, inspiring students to think differently. To continue these sessions during Covid-19, our speakers are now talking to our students virtually.

Inspire and Guide Coordinator Chris Woodey commented "The students in Y10 & Y11 really appreciate the time that our roster of speakers provide through the presentations of their current careers, their career path, and what an average day is like for someone in that field. This week Dr. Sara Clarke-Habibi, a researcher and consultant for UNICEF/UNDP in the Western Balkans, will be sharing her story of what she does and how her research translates into clear impact on the lives of thousands in numerous conflict zones around the world."

Dr Clarke-Habibi has 20 years’ experience in the field of peacebuilding through education and her current work as a consultant with UNICEF means she responsible for mapping and developing educational best practices for the promotion of intercultural dialogue, peacebuilding, remembrance and reconciliation among youth in the Western Balkans.