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Year 5 Visit Ely Museum

Published on 22/11/21

On Monday 15 November, Year 5 enjoyed a trip to Ely Museum and Courthouse.

As soon as Year 5 arrived, they were introduced to some key characters from the infamous Littleport Riots of 1815, who were tried at the court in Ely. Pupils took on the roles of those present at the trial, while a severe and highly biased judge presided over the hearing. The outcome, although inevitable, was a huge shock to those pupils who were in the dock and who were sentenced to be hanged at the end of the trial. 

During the afternoon the pupils examined historical sources of the time, explored the museum and learnt about some of the harsh punishments which were used in Ely gaol in years gone by. Pupils came away from the day’s visit somewhat relieved to be living in gentler times.