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Year 4 Trip to Colchester Castle

Published on 25/11/21

On 16 November, Year 4 pupils from Rosedale House and Dame Bradbury’s visited Colchester Castle to support their current theme of ‘Colours of History.’

Pupils had the opportunity to explore the galleries using augmented reality on their iPads to bring the exhibits to life, highlights included chariot racing and seeing a roundhouse come to life through their iPads. They learned a lot about the way of lifYear 4 Colchester Castle Tripe of the Celts and the Romans.

During a story tour, pupils journeyed into the depths of the castle and found themselves sitting underneath the spot where the Temple of Claudius would have stood. Strong collaboration skills were needed to follow instructions to build a Roman villa and a Celtic roundhouse.

A brilliant day was had by everyone and our knowledge of Boudicca, the Celts and Romans was definitely enhanced by the visit.